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Sindy's Blog :: Kidzworld Member Feedback (pg. 4)

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Find out what others have to say about Sindys free, online teen diary. Shes blogging about all sorts of stuff from school to love to family and you can let her know what you think!

Thanks to everyone who's shown an interest in what's going on in my life lately! Thought I'd share some feedback I've got from a bunch of Kidzworld peeps. Enjoy!

1 Don't feel too bad about the farting incident, it's just natural. People may talk about it for a couple days but pretty soon someone is gonna catch someone else, like, picking their nose and eating it and your story will be old news. It won't last forever, just go on about your day like nothing ever happened.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Peanut-Brittle
Age: 14

1 You don't have to be that embarrassed. Besides, everyone does that. Just try to laugh it off.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: LilBrat312
Age: 14

1 Dear Sindy,
It's ok. Things like that happen to everyone. Some day (probably not too far from now) some one else is going to make a total fool of themselves and everyone will forget about you.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: holden
Age: 14

1 You shouldn't care because if you had true friends they will remain and comfort you. Don't worry, you will do fine.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Mizzthang15
Age: 16

1 Hey, my parents are spilt up too and I like that you are putting aside your homework to chat with us.
Kidz Submit by:
Nickname: Surfergirl13
Age: 14

Thanks again for all your . Keep sending in your thoughts and I'll keep posting them!

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