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Torii Hunter and Head Hunters

Dec 27, 2006

Minnesota Twins outfielder Torii Hunter is a hero for helping kids in Minnesota and helping the Twins stay in the hunt for a playoff spot. Milwaukee manager, Davey Lopes, is a zero for head hunting Rickey Henderson. Meet the Heroes and Zeros of the hunt.

Torii is having his best season ever with the Minnesota Twins. He's set career highs in homeruns, RBIs, runs and doubles. His great season is helping the Twins stay in first place in the American League's central division where they're in a tight battle with the Cleveland Indians. Torii has not only been a big help to the Twins, he's also been a good friend to kids in the Minnesota area. Torii supports Big Brothers and Big Sisters by donating his time and money. He also helps out with the Twin's inner-city youth baseball program by teaching kids at clinics how to be better hitters and fielders.

Here's what Kidzworld member, BigChin87, said about Torii.
"I think Torii Hunter of the Minnesota Twins is a hero. I know this kid who started watching the Twins when they started winning. He wrote a letter to Torii Hunter asking for his autograph and Torii gave him his home jersey, an autographed rookie card, his baseball hat, and more. He also delivered these personally."

Davey Lopes, the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, needs to give his head a shake for threatening to bean Rickey Henderson of the San Diego Padres. On July 29th, the Milwaukee Brewers were trailing the San Diego Padres 12 - 5 in the seventh inning. Rickey was on first and stole second base. Davey felt Rickey was trying to show up the Brewers when the Padres already had a big lead. Davey stormed out of the dugout and started yelling at Rickey.

"I just told him to stay in the game because he was going down. We were going to drill him... There's a right way to play this game and a wrong way to play this game. That was very unprofessional. Next time someone might not be as lenient as I was and drill the hitter that's next to him in the lineup," said Davey after the game.

What is Davey thinking? He thinks it's unprofessional for a player to try and grab an extra base but it's professional to tell your pitcher to intentionally hit another player with a 100 mile per hour fastball. It's that type of attitude that gets players hurt and causes bench clearing brawls. It's also the type of attitude that has Davey and his Milwaukee Brewers near the bottom of the National League standings with zero chance of making the playoffs. Major League Baseball agreed and suspended Davey for two games.

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