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The Outdoor Adventure Show Bike Expo

Dec 27, 2006

Big name riders, big air and a few big-time wipeouts are all part of the 2001 Outdoor Adventure Sports Show. The show is hitting cities across North America. including Vancouver, Toronto and Chicago.

If you're into BMX or mountain bikes, you should try to check this show out. The Bike Expo has a big air half pipe, a trials obstacle course and a BMX track. You'll also be able to check out the latest bikes and gear from some of the biggest names, including Norco, Huffy and Cannondale.

"BMX is a great sport for everybody. I've been racing since I was seven. Everyone can race, no matter what age," says Derek, a 12 year-old who raced on the BMX track at BC Place. And the Outdoor Adventure Show definitely is something for all ages. People from ages four to 50 compete in the trials - a cool bike obstacle course with jumps and balance beams - which means lots of falls and wipeouts. That's why first aid guys are on hand at all times and why several pro-riders also come out, so you can see how it's done right.

So, if you're wild about biking - check out the Bike Expo if the Outdoor Adventure Show comes near you. If you still haven't learned to ride a bike yet, then you can find lots of info about rockclimbing, skateboarding, snowboarding and even skydiving!

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