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All Star Baseball 2005 Playstation 2 Video Game Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Baseball season is underway so theres no better time to step up to the plate and check out ASB 2005 for your Playstation 2.

Baseball season is underway so there's no better time to check out the lastest homerun hitting video game from Acclaim - All Star Baseball 2005. Does the ASB 2005 baseball 2005 hit a homerun or does it strikeout? Read on for Gary's review of ASB 2005 for the PS2.

ASB 2005 - You Become the General Manager

ASB 2005 has taken a player's ability to manage their own team to a whole new level. In ASB 2005, you can sign free agents, draft new players, manage a salary cap and even pick a city to build a brand new franchise. The management functions are the strongest features of ASB 2005 but there's also several other features in this game that make it sweeter than a Sammy Sosa swing on a hot afternoon at Wrigley Field.

ASB 2005 - Where It Hits A Homerun

Besides the way it lets you manage a team, ASB 2005 hits a homerun with its online option, which lets you connect your PS2 to the Internet and play online against other gamers from around the world. ASB 2005 also deserves kudos for the realistic way they've recreated the moves of baseball players. When a pitcher throws too high inside, a player will charge the mound with a karate kick. When Sammy Sosa knocks a ball out of the park, he'll run with that famous hop. When a pitcher gives up too many homeruns, he'll collapse to the ground in frustration. Other cool features that earn ASB 2005 a thumbs up are the virtual tours of over 80 baseball stadiums, the baseball trivia game and the This Week In Baseball Challenge which allows you to replay moments from the 2003 season for a chance to win packs of baseball cards.

ASB 2005 - Where It Strikes Out

If there's one main fault with ASB 2005, it's the graphics - which aren't as clear and sharp as those of other baseball video games. Some of the fields seem a bit washed out and the player movements look much stiffer and more awkward than they should for a game that has so much else going for it. The new fielder cam also took a bit getting used to and made it difficult to keep track of balls once they're hit past the infield.

All Star Baseball 2005 Video Game Age Rating: Everyone.

All Star Baseball 2005 Video Game Thumbs Up:

  • Franchise mode lets you create your own baseball team from scratch and build a dynasty through up to 20 seasons. You can draft players, make trades and even create your own superstars.
  • ASB 2005 Online - You can connect your PS2 to the Internet with a network adaptor and play online.
  • Stadiums - you can choose to play or take a virtual tour of over 80 different baseball stadiums from both the past and present.

    All Star Baseball Video Game Thumbs Down:

  • Graphics aren't as clear and sharp as other baseball video games.
  • Rancid music. Everytime you start up the game, you're treated to horrid dance tunes from the early '90s.
  • No Barry Bonds. ASB 2005 features every baseball superstar you can imagine, except for Barry Bonds. The best player in baseball wouldn't allow his image to be used for the game so playing the San Francisco Giants just isn't the same.

    All Star Baseball 2005 Rating: 4

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