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Survivor - Episode 6

Dec 27, 2006

We all knew the Outback was a dangerous place. We also all knew - cuz of previews - that someone was gonna go down this time, and not because of a silly immunity challenge. Was your bet on Mike and a Croc like everyone else? Close but no Dorritos. In the end it was a simple camp fire and a lot of smoke that took Kucha's "leader" away from the tribe. But I am ahead of myself... Here's where the episode starts:

It starts right where episode 5 leaves off - in the rain. Kucha just gave Kimmi the boot and on their way back to camp. They are wet and tired and wet and - wet. The night doesn't go well for them. But the morning means a new challenge.

Ogakor and Kucha get the news that they must "trust" each other and not be afraid of the dark. Here is where we see why Kucha keeps kicking butt. After reading the letter with the hints, Kucha blindfolds their team members and has Nick lead them around camp. Jerri leads Ogakor through yoga?! Oh yeah, that'll help. And Colby has had about all he can take of Jerri and her chocolate obsession too. What started out as a potential romance now might end up as a potential wrestling match - the kind with drop-kicks not kisses.

The challenge is for a picnic basket full of junk food like Dorrritos and Mountain Dew. Host Jeff Probst teases them by offering each tribe one Dorrito and not even half a can of Dew. It's really sad to see them all rationing out the one chip. Sad in a ha-ha sorta way. Nick and Jerri both do great jobs at leading their blindfolded team through a series of tasks. Ogakor is in the lead but then Amber freaks out and gets confused on the last task and Kucha comes back from behind. It's almost a photo finish but Kucha wins - again. Colby is sooo ticked off that he throws a bucket of water on Jerri.

The next day it's all about rest and strategy. Kucha is obviously blaming Jerri for the loss and you get the vibe that if they lose immunity she will be the next one gone. But they don't lose immunity - there is no challenge.

The much -hyped "accident" happened at Kucha when, Mike inhales too much smoke and falls into the fire. You don't see it happen - luckily - but you see Elisabeth and others being woken by a horrendous scream. Mike is freaking out staring at his hands and he runs into the water. He is badly burned.

No one knows what to do. He is going into shock, it seems. Elisabeth and Alicia join him in the water and talk to him soothingly. Jeff can do nothing but hold his head and look away. Nick babbles on about how it happened and Rodger keeps telling Mike not to go out too far in case he drowns.

As the paramedics raise Mikes hands from the water it is obvious that he ain't getting a band-aid for his boo-boo. Skin is hanging everywhere and this is VERY serious. He is airlifted out, but not before giving a pep talk to his team.

Ogakor doesn't know exactly what happened, but they are saddened and stunned by the news. Sadly, Mike's accident is a saving grace for them because there will be no immunity challenge and the groups will merge next week with equal numbers.

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