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Simon's Blog - January 4, 2005

Nov 04, 2014

January 4, 2005

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to my first blog of 2005. I had a super cool holiday and am totally NOT looking forward to going back to school. After two weeks of sleeping in, playing video games and watching TV all day, who wants to go back to the world of annoying teachers and boring math classes?

I got a bunch of cool new toys for Christmas. I got a Nintendo DS video game system with a new SpongeBob game and a brand new snowboard. I went snowboarding twice over the holidays which was seriously wild. There was a ton of snow and I landed a 360 for the first time - pretty sweet. Gary came with me but he didn't do too well. He fell off the chairlift twice and wiped out more times than I can remember - good thing he wears a helmet.

What did you peeps do over the holidays? Get any cool new toys? Any big plans for 2005? and let me know.




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