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Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Heart Container Cheats

Dec 27, 2006

In The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance it's up to lil' Link to battle hordes of monsters to save Princess Zelda. Well, taking on a billion monsters can be rough, even for a hero like Link. To help you out, we have Legend of Zelda video game cheats for the GBA. These game cheats have all the info you need to unlock all the Heart Containers in the game so you'll have tons of hearts!

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GBA Game Cheat List

Here's the list of all the heart pieces you can get, and where to get them!
  • 1. The first one is in the Minish Woods, head left after you see the vision of Ezlo the cap being beaten up by a pair of Octoroks.
  • 2. In the northern section of the Minish Village is a bridge heading East. Take the bridge to find the piece.
  • 3. After you get the Gust Jar in the Deepwood Shrine, use it to suck up the spider web on the right side of the south wall to find a path to it.
  • 4. In the Deepwood Shrine, the blue teleport from the entrance will take you to this one.
  • 5. After fusing Kinstones with the hurdy-gurdy man in Hyrule Town, a tree with a heart piece in it opens up in South Hyrule Field, near Link's house.
  • 6. At the base of Mt. Crenel, after the two vortexes, head left past the ladder and take the path North. Drop a bomb between the two trees to find a cave, go inside and use another bomb on a cracked rock, then you'll have it.
  • 7. At the bottom of the Crenel Wall, find the line of spiky rocks with a rock missing, drop a bomb there to find the Heart Container.
  • 8. In the Cave of Flames is a room with an upside-down mine cart and some rails across a lava pool. Go across the rails and bomb the South wall to find it.
  • 9. In North Hyrule Field, there's a cracked rock to the west, bomb it to find this piece.
  • 10. In Hyrule Town, shrink to Minish size, head to the East side of town, use the vine by the Inn there to climb to the upper part of town and enter the Inn through the Minish door at the back (follow the flower path).
  • 11. Get this piece in Grayblade's dojo on Mt. Crenel.
  • 12. In the Lon Lon Ranch, use the Cane of Pacci in the northwestern hole to get to the South end of Veil Falls to find this piece.
  • 13. Fuse Kinstones with the bird on top of Swiftblade's dojo in Hyrule Town, then head to Hyrule Castle Garden and go down the steps in the eastern fountain.
  • 14. While you're still in Hyrule Castle Garden, cut down the bushes in the eastern area to find the ladder to Grimblade's dojo and this piece.
  • 15. Once you find Syrup in the Minish Woods, go West then South to the pond to find this one.
  • 16. In the Lon Lon Ranch, headbutt the tree at high speed with the Pegasus Boots, then use the portal there to shrink to Minish size then head to the Minish road on the right.
  • 17. On Mt. Crenel, fuse Kinstones with Melari to make a giant bean appear on top of the Crenel Wall. Climb the bean and you'll find it.
  • 18. In the Castor Wilds, push open the tombstone to get into Swiftblade the First's dojo and find this piece.
  • 19. In the Wind Ruins, use the second stump to shrink, back it up a screen, jump down the ledge, use the vine on the left to climb down some more, then climb down the middle vine to find a cave with the piece.
  • 20. In the Fortress of Winds, on the right side of the third floor, shrink to Minish size, drop down the hole in the floor and enter the tiny tunnel on the right.
  • 21. Fuse Kinstones with the Minish living by the Wind Crest at Lake Hylia. Then head to the tree in the Western Wood and go into the doorway to get it.
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