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Simon's Blog - March 1, 2005

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March 1, 2005

Well, so much for the getting back together with Kara. Turns out, she's messed up in the head and has major problems. I thought we were maybe going out again since she gave me a card on Valentine's Day. But, now I don't know what her story is. I was talking to her in the cafeteria yesterday at lunch and went to give her a kiss - and she totally blew me off! She said she doesn't think she likes me in that kind of way and just wants to be friends again. What a major burn... but whatever...

I don't understand her. Why would I want to just be friends again? I've already got lots of friends. What I don't have is a cute girl who I can make out with all the time - that's what I really need. But I don't care - Kara's nothing special. She thinks she's super special because she dyed her hair red and has started listening to old skool punk bands that no one's heard of. But she's just a poser and definitely isn't as hot as she thinks she is.

I hadn't even thought about her for months until she came after me on Valentine's Day, so why would I care if she doesn't want to go out with me now? I got better things to do anyway, like spend more time skateboarding and seeing if that hottie Amber from my math class wants to start studying together. Anyway, I gotta jet...


Hey, u sound like a real jerk. Girls are not just toys and most girls are looking 4 a serious relationship. Not just one where u can make out all the time. That proves girls are still more mature than guys.
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Dude, no offense, but that's not that smart to try to run after girls who don't like you, and probably never will.
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