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Ice Princess DVD Review

Dec 27, 2006

When Casey Carlyle's physics teacher wants her to apply for a big scholarship, he tells her to find a project that will be personal and something she is passionate about. At first Casey can't think of anything physics related that she enjoys on a personal level, but then the light bulb goes off and triggers something in Casey she didn't even know was there. A deep love of figure skating! Find out if Ice Princess lands a triple lutz or bails on the first toe pick.

Ice Princess - A Dream is Born

Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) is a big, old science nerd whose mom is a university professor, and hardcore feminist. Casey's mom wants her to be the best she can be, as long as that means being a brainiac and focusing on getting into Harvard. Casey is a total smarty who breezes through school without much effort, but when she starts working on her physics project about figure skating, she realizes that she has a passion for the ice. She doesn't have the cash to afford skating lessons, so she starts working part-time at the skate rink to pay for a beginners class through the summer and before she knows it, she's been passed to a Junior level - and is now eligible to compete with the figure skaters she's been observing for her project!

Ice Princess - Reaching for the Gold

Throughout the movie, Casey is torn between going after her own dreams and making her mom happy. She tries to pull off both by getting up at 5am every day to practice skating, going to school and working at the ice rink's concession after school to pay for her training. But, everything comes crashing down when her grades start to slip and her mom finds out that she's been spending all her time at the rink. Casey isn't the only one dealing with parent pressure though. Gen Harwood (played by Hayden Panettiere), the local figure skating coach's daughter, struggles with her own inner turmoil. She's caught between being the figure skater her mom never got to be and leading a normal teenage life. Though totally different, both girls manage to help one another go after what they really want.

Ice Princess - DVD Features

On most DVDs, the only commentary you get is from the director or producer - but on Ice Princess, you get to hear from all four of the young stars, including Michelle Trachtenberg! Each star talks about their experience making the flick and tell [kwlink]funny stories[/kwlink] about things that happened during filming. The DVD also includes cool deleted scenes and music videos from Caleigh Peters and Aly & A.J. To get all the great music from the movie, you should also pick up the Ice Princess soundtrack. It features tracks from Michelle Branch, Jesse Mac and even the movie's star, Hayden Panettiere.

Ice Princess - Bottom Line

Ice Princess is a flick about learning to go after your dreams, no matter who stands in your way. The message is great and the delivery of the message is even better. All of the characters are so personable, you will feel like you've known them forever. There are tales of friendship, great tunes and an irresistable love story too! Plus, real-life figure skaters Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano make an appearance as competition commentators, and up-and-coming skater Juliana Cannarozzo makes her acting debut as Zoe Bloch. This is the perfect movie to check out with your pals or even better, with your mom.

Ice Princess Rating:

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