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Simon's Blog - April 12, 2005

Dec 27, 2006

April 12, 2005

So I was back to school this week after having last week off for spring break. I've been a total zombie all week. Teachers expect you to come back to school and be totally alert, after you've been sleeping in every day for the past week. It's not that simple, so I've been falling asleep in every class except P.E.

Sindy came out to visit me for spring break. It was totally good to see her. We pretty much hung out at the skate park, listened to music and watched movies all week. She didn't bore me with tons of details about her love life which was good but she was totally crushing on my friend Trick, who's been skating with me lots lately. She kept going on and on about him like he's some sort of skateboarding god, when he's really not that much better than I am. He's just got a different name and girls seem to love that kind of stuff. The way she was looking at him, you'd think he was the next Rodney Mullen.

But Trick was totally hitting on her too, so they were obviously both interested. I'm not sure if anything will happen and I don't really care. But the next time I go to visit Sindy, she better hook me up with one of her hot friends!


Lol. Dude that was funny. Well, I hope you get one of her hot freinds.
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