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Top Baseball Logos

Dec 27, 2006

Wearing gear from your favorite baseball team is not just a way to support your team, it can also say something about your style. From the new look of the Washington Senators to the traditional logo of the New York Yankees, here's a look at some of the best logos in baseball and what wearing them says about you!

Logo of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim - The red "A" encircled with a halo is simple and stylish. Wearing this logo will make you appear sweet and innocent - even if you're really not.

Logo of Chicago Cubs.Chicago Cubs - The "C" of the Chicago Cubs is one of Major League Baseball's oldest logos. It's very recognizable and associated with years of mediocrity and defeat. Wearing this logo shows you're loyal to your team, even during bad times.

Logo of Los Angeles Dodgers.Los Angeles Dodgers - The intertwined lettering of the LA Dodgers has a West Coast look that's all about laid back summer afternoons and chillaxin' at the ballpark.

Logo of New York Mets.New York Mets - With the arrival of Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran in New York, there's more buzz about the Mets than there has been in years. Mets gear is worn by both Snoop Dogg and Sean Coombs and is a sign you're against the Evil Empire, otherwise known as the New York Yankees.

Logo of the Washington Nationals.Washington Nationals - The Nats are baseball's newest team and so their gear is a very hot commodity in 2005. The logo is pretty simple and traditional but wearing it says you're a follower of the latest trends.

Logo of Pittsburgh Pirates.Pittsburgh Pirates - The Pirates may be bottom feeders in the National League, but the Pirates logo is mean, tough and says you'll rip anyone to shreds who tries to mess with your booty.

Logo of the Boston Red Sox.Boston Red Sox - Since the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, every chump on the block, including celebs like Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore and Ashton Kutcher can be seen wearing Boston Red Sox gear. Bosox logos might be hot right but don't expect the Red Sox lovefest to be around at this time next year.

Logo of the Detroit Tigers.Detroit Tigers - Worn by hip hop stars like Chingy, the Detroit Tiger' logo is very solid. The Tiger bearing its teeth through the stylized "D" gives you a look that's aggressive, ferocious and ready to eat up and spit out anyone who crosses your path.

Logo of the New York Yankees.New York Yankees - The Yanks are the team that everyone loves to hate and their "win at all costs" attitude has given them the nickname, the Evil Empire. However, Yankees gear will always be in style and is a favorite of celebs like JaRule, 50 Cent, Beyonce, Jay Z and Benji Madden.

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