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Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow Game Cheat: Capturing Mew

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Capture Mew in Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue with this game cheat walkthrough!

Y'know what's really cool? Opening up an to find that someone's sent in an awesome video game cheat! It turns out that Kidzworld member Duelin2002 is a master Pokemon Trainer. He knows how to capture Mew in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and he sent in a complete walkthrough for Cheat Street. Here's what he had to say!

Hey Gary!
There is only one way to catch the legendary Mew in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. You need to get it from one of those special Nintendo Events. But, I have a special way to catch Mew in the wild with no Nintendo Events or Gamesharks.

First, you make sure you have a Pokemon that knows Fly and is in Route 8. Stand in front of the Underground Path (avoiding the gambler that walks up to you) and save your game just in case you mess up.

Walk down one step and immediately, and I mean immediately, press Start. The Menu should pop up before the gambler sees you. While the menu screen is up, click on "Pokemon," find a Pokemon that knows Fly and fly to Cerulean City. If the gambler sees you before you fly, that's the point. The little exclamation point and the music will come up but you still will not battle the gambler.

Next, walk on up the Nugget Bridge and head East until you find a Youngster Trainer. At this point you will notice that your Start button no longer functions. The trainer is located on Route 25. Make sure that you let the Youngster walk up to you! Do not go right in front of him or else the game will lock-up!

Level 17 Slowpoke

Then, click Start, click on the "Pokemon," find the Pokemon that knows Fly and fly to Lavender Town. After you reach Lavender Town, make sure you have a lot of Pokeballs, some Great Balls, and maybe a couple Ultra Balls just in case.

Now, walk west into Route 8. And, just as you enter the narrow path your Menu screen will pop up. You must press "B" to exit. When you press "B," the screen will pop up to indicate the presence of a Pokemon, just like when you walk through the grass, and that music comes up showing the presence of a Pokemon.

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for. A small cute Mew at Level 7 with only the Pound attack will appear. I suggest using a Pokemon with a max level of 10-15 and a Pokemon that knows an attack that puts Pokemon to Sleep.

I used a Level 10 Charmander along with a Jigglypuff that knew Sing. I weakened it and used Sing and used a Great Ball and believe it or not it would not give in. It took me about five Great Balls to capture it. So thats why those couple of Ultra Balls I suggested might be useful.

It was a lot of fun capturing this Pokemon. You can definitely add it to your collection and use it for battles. Many say that this special hint is just a "Glitch" in the game when Nintendo was making them. That is absolutely true. It is a "Glitch" because when these three games were made it was only for Pokemon #1-#150. The only way to get an actual Mew is at the Nintendo Events and even then I heard they give you a certificate stating that it's the actual Pokemon. I hope this hint really helped out and enjoy!

1There's another way to catch Mew. When you beat Misty, go to Bill's house and get the boat ticket and when you go to Vermillion City don't beat the Gym Leader and in the boat don't get Cut. Instead, trade a pokemon that knows Cut to your version then continue your journey until you get Surf then fly back to Vermillion City, go to the deck and Surf around the boat until you encounter a Cave. Inside is Mew at Level 30. Enjoy.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: Supersaiyanmax9
Age: 16
Rating: 4

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