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Summer Prize Pack - Girls' Toys (pg. 2)

Dec 27, 2006

Bratz Beach Bash Dolls

  • Why head to the beach alone this summer when you can bring along the Bratz Beach Bash Dolls? Each girl comes with a cute summer outfit and loves to chill at the Lil'Bratz Beach Bash Party Pool. Invite your girls over for some fun in the sun - with the Bratz, you're guaranteed to have a good time!
  • Crazy Chalk Sidewalk Stampers
  • Summer is all about getting outside and being creative! With Crazy Chalk Sidewalk Stampers, you can transform your driveway into a baseball diamond or your front sidewalk into a colorful mural that will have all the neighbors stopping to check it out. The kit contains sticks of chalk, stencils, and powdered chalk!
  • Barbie Digital Camera
  • Enter the world of digital photography with the Oregon Scientific Barbie Digital Camera. This Barbie digital camera takes digital photos, small movie clips and even works as a web cam. The camera doesn't come with a flash, so it's best used outside. Use it to snap all your fun summer moments.
  • Wild Science Book

  • Summer is about getting out and experiencing nature - which can also mean getting up close and personal with wildlife. Flip through Wild Science from Raincoast Books. Read stories from ten different scientists about their studies on different wildlife - from sea otters to grizzly bears. The info might just come in handy during your next camping trip.
  • Sammy Keyes Book Series

  • Wendelin Van Draanen brings you a series about 12 year-old Sammy Keyes, an average kid who solves crimes better than Nancy Drew. Dive into the Sammy story with the first three books and you'll definitely be hooked on this mysterious series!
  • Junior Ready Bed

  • You're bound to be going to a ton of slumber parties this summer so you're going to need a cool sleeping bag. The Junior Ready Bed isn't just an average sleeping bag though - it's a funky air mattress complete with a stylin' sleeping bag so you'll be the hippest kid at the next big sleepover.
  • Winx Trading Card Game

  • Bloom, Flora, Stella, Musa and Tecna have made their way from the small screen to a trading card store near you. Now, instead of just watchin' your fave little fairies battle evil, you can play as them in Upper Deck's new Winx trading card game. The game includes two, 30-card decks, two sun rings, one Playmat, one Witch die and score sheet and rules. Practice your skills this summer and maybe throw together your own tournament before school starts up again!
  • You Gotta Be Kidding Board Game

  • Would you rather be born with an elephant nose or a giraffe neck? And would you rather eat a head of rotten lettuce or drink a glass of sour milk? These are a couple of the questions you might have to answer in You Gotta Be Kidding, a fun new game from Zobmondo Entertainment!
  • Beach Heads

  • Beach Heads - Make weird and wacky faces at the beach this summer with Beach Heads sand toys. Mold the 3-D head into the sand, then get creative using the various face and body parts. Make the wacky-looking characters as they appear on the package or create your own beach creatures by mixing and matching the different parts.
  • Swap Card Game

  • Swap Card Game - Swap is a fast-paced game that is super addictive and great for playing with a group of friends. You try to get rid of your cards by playing on matching colors. But there's also a few crazy twists. You may have to swap hands or race to slap the pile! Each game takes about ten minutes and your hand can change at any time, which makes this game a blast.
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