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Simon's Blog - August 2, 2005

Dec 27, 2006

August 3, 2005

I feel like I've been living inside an oven for the past two weeks. It's been so stinking hot this summer. Thank goodness for air conditioning. My dad says you could fry an egg on the street. I tried it yesterday on our driveway but it didn't work - it just got my mom annoyed. She told me I was making a mess and obviously had too much time on my hands.

So, I cooled down by havng a water fight with my dog Ralph. I bought a massive Super Soaker last week and totally soaked Ralph. He can't really fight back much because he's a dog but I can tell he had fun. How have you been keeping cool this summer? It doesn't look like it's getting any colder, so what you're doing to beat the heat.

Besides trying to keep cool, I also started my new job last week at the sports store. It's been pretty sweet. I basically just hang out at the store and put stuff on the shelves. I really like it and most of the people I work with are pretty cool. I used my first pay check to buy a new pair of skate shoes, so it's definietly paid off. Have any of you guys been working this summer?


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