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Valiant :: DVD Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Ewan McGregor lends his voice to the latest animated Disney movie, Valiant. Get the review right here!

It's World War II and there is chaos all over the planet. But there is hope! It's not a team of fighter jets or a fleet of war ships - it's a group of dare-devil messenger pigeons dedicated to doing their job. Read on to find out if this new Disney flick is high-flying fun or if it's more of a crash and burn.

Valiant - Unsung Heroes

The Second World War is being waged in every corner of the planet. Communication is incredibly slow and difficult, but the RHPS (Royal Homing Pigeon Service) is waiting in the wings. At a moment's notice these brave homing pigeons could be called into the line of fire to deliver new commands to soldiers in the field. Just like their human counterparts, pigeons lives are lost and new recruits are brought up through the ranks. New recruits are hard to come by though - especially as the war drags on - so when young Valiant signs up to do his duty, the RHPS overlooks his small size.

Valiant - Pick on Someone Your Own Size

Valiant may be tiny, but he's got a huge heart. He is determined to do his job, no matter what it takes. He and his fellow recruits may not be the most talented fliers around, but these guys will always stick together and shield one another from danger. They even meet some allies along the way, like the French mouse, Charles De Girl, who helps them dodge the grips of the evil Falcons!

Valiant - Dropping Bombs

Valiant is definitely a family friendly movie, with tons of cute characters and action-packed scenes. There are funny lines - but not nearly as many as flicks like Shrek 2 have. Another downside is that the plot tends to get a little bit too predictable.

Valiant - DVD Features

Think you have what it takes to be a messenger pigeon during times of war? This DVD includes a three-level Valiant Training Challenge that you can spin through - by yourself or with your friends. Don't forget to watch all the hilarious outtakes either. They're a riot!

Valiant - Bottom Line

It's a cute flick that would be good to check out on a rainy Sunday afternoon with the fam, but it's not worth anything more than a matinee ticket price. Your best bet is to grab it once it hits DVD and if you need a Disney fix, just watch Finding Nemo again!

Valiant Rating: 3

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