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Elissa Steamer Biography

Dec 27, 2006

It's full steam ahead for pro skateboarder, Elissa Steamer. Find out more about this pioneer of girls' skateboarding.

Elissa Steamer - Skateboarding Pioneer

Elissa Steamer was born on July 31, 1975 in Fort Myers, Florida, where she started skateboarding when she was 12. After skating in seveal competitions around Florida, Elissa became sponsored by Toy Machine and appeared in the skate video, "Welcome To Hell". That video gave Elissa tons of exposure and she soon had several other sponsors sending her free skate gear. She turned pro in 1998 - becoming one of the first female pro skateboarders. That same year, Elissa won the first major Women's Skateboarding Street competition at the Slam City Jam in Vancouver, BC.

Elissa Steamer - Full Steam Ahead

Elissa Steamer is now considered a skateboarding pioneer, who has paved the way for other talented girl skateboarders. She was the first female to have a skate deck named for her, as well as the first to have a skate shoe designed for her - the Etnies Steamer. Elissa won the gold medal in Street Skateboarding for the second straight year at the 2005 X Games and continues to make regular appearances in skateboard videos and magazines.

Elissa Steamer - Fun Facts

  • Elissa Steamer was the first female skateboarder to be featured in any of the Tony Hawk video games.
  • When she's not skateboarding, Elissa Steamer loves to go golfing.
  • Elissa Steamer's favorite place to visit for skate comps is Australia.
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