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Sindy's Blog - December 1, 2005

Dec 27, 2006

December 1, 2005

Hey guys! So how was your Thanksgiving? Did you stuff yourself with a big, tasty dinner? My mom went all out. It was sooo good. I couldn't move for like a day! I felt like Joey in that episode of Friends when he eats a whole turkey. Have you ever seen that one?

Of course the day after Thanksgiving I had to hit the mall. How can you turn down sales like that? It was a little more hectic than I would have liked, but I didn't get caught in any stampedes or fist fights. I can't believe how crazy some people get over a good deal. These are just material things people. It's not worth getting hurt over!

I am really glad that the holiday season has begun. It was really great to spend time with both my parents (for the first time in a long time). And it's just cool to visit with family and friends that you don't normally get to see. Like I have this one cousin that lives in Florida who is so awesome and she is coming here for Christmas break. She is 17 and in her senior year. She has the absolute coolest clothes all the time. I am so going to be borrowing them while she's here!

Do any of you have relatives coming to visit? Or maybe you're headed off to see family some where? What are your ? I am just so excited to get started on decorating the house and listening to Christmas music. Happy December!

Peace Out,


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