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The Ringer DVD Review

Dec 27, 2006

We're all guilty of judging someone by how they look or talk, so this holiday season, join Johnny Knoxville and Katherine Hiegl in The Ringer. It's the perfect flick to remind us all that you should never judge a book by its cover.

The Ringer - Last Resort

When Steve Barker's friend Stavi accidentally cuts off his fingers while mowing the lawn, Steve decides he has to help Stavi get his fingers sewn back on - the only problem is, it's going to cost $28,000! Steve tries to borrow money and get old debts paid back to him, but his money-raising is not going well... until his slimy uncle comes up with a plan to enter Steve in the Special Olympics and bet on the games!

The Ringer - First Impressions

Steve feels horrible about his uncle's scheme but can't think of any other way to raise the funds for Stavi's operation. He puts on an act and pretends that he is mentally disabled and begins training for the track and field competition. Of course, the Special Olympics volunteer that he is assigned to happens to be the gorgeous Lynn Sheridan (Katherine Heigl). Steve instantly falls for Lynn and she quickly takes a shine to him. But while Lynn is fooled by Steve's acting, his new teammates are not! They confront Steve about faking his disability and strike a deal with him.

The Ringer - Olympic Cheese

At first you might think that this movie is going to be full of tasteless humor about the mentally disabled, but it's actually a great story about giving everyone a chance. There are some eye-rolling moments, especially when Steve's uncle starts yapping. But, if you can stand a little cheese, this flick is worth checking out.

The Ringer - DVD Features

It would be pretty disappointing if a DVD starring Johnny Knoxville didn't have some fun extras - and The Ringer doesn't disappoint. Check out gag reels, deleted scenes and trailers from the flick. There is also the option of director commentary and an additional Special Olympics Public Service Annoucement that shouldn't be missed!

The Ringer - Bottom Line
It's certainly not one of the best comedies released this year, but The Ringer has a great message about tolerance. You may not be looking for an after-school special, but Johnny Knoxville's antics will keep you laughing long enough to forget that you're learning something important.

The Ringer Rating:

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