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Classic Disney Animated Movies

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 4 Star Rating

There are a lot of old Disney cartoon movies that you might not remember. Put Finding Nemo back on the shelf and check out these animated classics! - Page 1

With all the new blockbuster movies that hit theaters on a weekly basis, Kidzworld thought we'd remind you of a few classic Disney flicks that are always good for movie night.

Lady and the Tramp (1955)

This is the tale of a mutt from the wrong side of the tracks and a prissy, pampered purebred falling in love - despite their very different backgrounds. During their unusual courtship, Lady and the Tramp are helped and hindered by some great supporting characters like Si and Am, the spoiled Siamese cats that live at Lady's house!

Lady and the Tramp DVD Rating:4

Lady and the Tramp sharing spaghetti Lady and the Tramp sharing spaghetti Courtesy of Disney

Lady and the Tramp Trailer


Pinocchio (1940)

He was made of wood but thanks to the blue fairy, Pinocchio has a chance to be a real boy! All he has to do is stay out of trouble and prove that he deserves the gift of life. He is assigned a mentor - Jiminy Cricket - who is supposed to help keep him on the straight and narrow, but Pinocchio has a hard time doing the right thing. This is a great tale about the consequences of lying and almost all 'rents will refer to your Pinocchio nose when you've been caught bending the truth!

Pinocchio DVD Rating:5

Pinocchio and Jiminy CricketPinocchio and Jiminy CricketCourtesy of Disney

Pinocchio Trailer


Dumbo (1941)

When Jumbo Jr. is born, he's not your average elephant. His ears are so big that he is taunted by the other elephants, circus workers and even customers! Talk about being bullied. Jumbo Jr. is nicknamed Dumbo and is demoted to circus clown. This flick is a great underdog tale and shows that despite what others say, it really is what's inside that counts!

Dumbo DVD Rating:4

Dumbo flying with Timothy Q. MouseDumbo flying with Timothy Q. MouseCourtesy of Disney

Bambi (1942)

Sure, it's heart-breaking but Bambi is also a classic Disney movie that shouldn't be missed. When Bambi's mom is killed by hunters, he is forced to grow up alone. While his dad is still around, the Prince of the Forest has many important things to take care of and can't always keep an eye on Bambi. Good thing he's got a good group of friends to keep him out of trouble. Grab a copy of Bambi on DVD and you can join Bambi, Thumper and Flower any time you're in a warm and fuzzy mood.

Bambi DVD Rating:5

Bambi, Thumper and FlowerBambi, Thumper and FlowerCourtesy of Disney

Peter Pan (1953)

Just close your eyes and think of a place far, far away where kids never have to grow up. That's what Disney's classic, Peter Pan, is all about. Peter and the Lost Boys have found a paradise where they never have to grow old and can stay young forever. Sure, they have to fight off pirates every once and a while but with the help of the Darling children, they may defeat Captain Hook and his minions for good.

Peter Pan DVD Rating:4

Peter, Wendy, Michael and John flyingPeter, Wendy, Michael and John flyingCourtesy of Disney

Peter Pan Trailer


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