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Doogal DVD Review

Dec 27, 2006

A superstar cast comes together for the new animated movie, Doogal. Based on a British TV show called The Magic Roundabout, this flick is fun for the whole family. Check out Kidzworld's review.

Doogal - Making a Mess

Doogal is a hairy, loveable dog who has a knack for getting into trouble. One afternoon while attempting to steal some candy, Doogal unleashes mayhem that he couldn't have imagined in his wildest dreams. Before he realizes what he's done, an evil wizard is released from the carrousel in the town square and his beloved owner, Florence, is trapped inside, surrounded by ice! You see, the evil wizard (named Zeebad), is bent on freezing the sun and in turn, the entire world!

Doogal - Saving the World

Lucky for Doogal and his friends, Zebedee, the good wizard, quickly appears to fill them in on what's just gone down. It's now up to Doogal and his group of misfits to stop Zeebad from finding the magic jewels necessary to channel his powers to freeze the sun. All the characters are voiced by great actors like Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, William H. Macy and Jimmy Fallon!

Doogal - Winter Wipeouts

For the most part, Doogal is a light-hearted film with lots of silly jokes. It is uniquely animated and doesn't look like your average Disney flick, but is a pretty simple film. It's best saved for when you're babysitting and need an afternoon activity for your kids or to check out with a younger sib.

Doogal - DVD Features

The furry troublemaker, Doogal, has made his way to DVD! Unfortunately, he's not giving up a whole lot of extras - there's one Making of Doogal featurette, but that's about it. Unless you (or the 'rents) are a huge Doogal fan, it's probably best to just rent this flick.

Doogal - Bottom Line
This is a cute movie with lots of great actors stepping in to voice the characters, but don't expect to be blown away with flashy animation or a crazy story. It's simple and fun but probably best left for those days when you have younger kids to entertain.

Doogal Rating:

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