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Supernatural TV Show Facts

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The hot show, Supernatural, is bringing out the ghouls and goblins and two hot guys. If you liked the X-Files, then youll love this show. Here are some facts from the show!

Supernatural is the hot, WB show about all things that are scary and well, supernatural. It revolves around two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester, who are trying to find their dad but encounter many strange things along the way. Bloody Mary, the Hook Man, witches and everything you hear about in legends and lore. The show started off with Dean and Sam's mom being killed by something mysterious when they were very young and their dad raised them to be aware of the supernatural. As the boys grew older, they grew apart but are brought back together to find their father! Find out more about this fascinating sci-fi show right here!

Supernatural - Main Cast

  • Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles
  • Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki

Supernatural - Fun Facts

  • The show is filmed in Vancouver, BC, Canada and California.
  • The muscle car in the show is a 1967 Chevy Impala.
  • Dean is the bad boy and Sam is the good guy.
  • Jensen Ackles used to star on Days of our Lives, Dark Angel and Smallville.
  • Sam doesn't want to be like Dean and his dad. He was supposed to go to a prestigious law school.
  • Sam was a baby when his mom died. Blood was dripping on his face when his father walked in. When he looked up he saw his wife up against the ceiling with fire surrounding her.
  • Jared Padalecki played Rory's BF Dean on Gilmore Girls and had roles in the movies House of Wax and New York Minute.
  • Sam's girlfriend in college dies the same way his mom did.
  • You can check out Supernatural on the WB, Thursday's at 9 PM.

Supernatural - Quotes

"How'd you get here?" - Dean

"I... uh... stole a car." - Sam

"Ha, ha. That's my boy!" - Dean

(Dean falls on top of Sam as they sneak through a half-open window.)

"Oh, sorry!" - Dean

"Be quiet." - Sam

"You be quiet." - Dean

"You be quiet." - Sam

"Your, uh, half-cafe, double-vanilla latte's getting cold over here, Francis." - Dean
"Bite me." - Sam

"So this is how you spent four years of your life." - Dean

"Welcome to higher education." - Sam

Supernatural - Season One DVD

The first season of Supernatural introduced you to the smoldering hot Winchester boys (played by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles). Fans of this spooky show can now revisit those first episodes with season one on DVD. You get all 22 original episodes, commentary on certain episodes from the director, creator and stars of the show, a gag reel, photo gallery, deleted scenes and a featurette that takes a look into an average day in the life of Jared and Jensen! This is definitely a must have for fans of the shows and these small-screen cuties.
Season One DVD Rating:5

Supernatural - Season Two DVD

Season two of Supernatural sees Sam and Dean continuing on their quest to find the answers to their mother's death. In addition to all the second season episodes, the DVD includes deleted scenes, audio commentary and multiple featurettes. Take a look at the making of All Hell Breaks Loose Part II (the season finale) and delve into the truth behind your favorite urban legends. If that's not enough, tune in to see Jared Padalecki's original screen test for the show!
Season Two DVD Rating:5

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