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Camp Lazlo TV Show Facts

Apr 14, 2016

Take one stinker of a summer camp called Camp Kidney, add one wacky monkey to the Bean Scouts and what do you get? Camp Lazlo! It's a crazy camp full of animal campers, cranky scoutmasters and weird stuff. Here's the 411 on who's-who and what's up at the craziest cartoon camp on TV!

Main Characters

  • Lazlo - This monkey is super friendly, cheerful and, well, totally nuts. He brought a double-dose of crazy to the dullest summer camp on the planet and now it's hoppin' with hijinks, pranks and insanity!
  • Raj - Lazlo's buddy Raj is a neurotic neat-freak of an elephant who's afraid of bugs, snakes and being alone. He sticks with his friends though!
  • Clam - You don't get bunkmates much weirder than an albino pygmy rhino. Especially when they're a cereal-loving, thrill-seeker with the IQ of a puddle!
  • Patsy - If she wasn't on the far side of the lake at Squirrel Scout camp, this cheerful mongoose would be dating Lazlo 24/7!
  • Gretchen - When this alligator gal isn't trying to eat everyone, she's hangin' out at the Squirrel Scout camp across the lake.
  • Nina - This Squirrel Scout camp member is a nerdy giraffe with a high-pitched voice.
  • Lumpus - This no-fun moose is the sad looking Camp Kidney Scoutmaster. He thinks he's all that, but he's a total spaz.
  • Slinkman - Scoutmaster Lumpus' assistant, Slinkman, is a banana slug and an expert on all the Bean Scout manual rules. When Lumpus flips out, it's up to Slinkman to make sure nobody has any fun.
  • Edward - As if being a platypus isn't bad enough, this guy has serious anger issues and wants to make life awful for anybody who tries to have fun at Camp Kidney.
  • Chip and Skip - Every villain needs henchmen and that's what these two dumb-as-dirt dung beetle twins are all about. When Edward needs something done, Chip and Skip hop to it!

Fun Facts

  • Joe Murray, the creator of Camp Lazlo, previously created Rocko’s Modern Life.
  • The idea for Camp Lazlo came from Murray’s experiences as a camper and was originally imagined as a children’s book but grew into a cartoon.
  • Camp Lazlo was produced in South Korea by Rough Draft Studios.
  • Most episodes are actually two separate 11 minute episodes.
  • Camp Lazlo has won or been nominated for Pulcinella Awards, Emmy Awards, and Annie Awards.
  • In 2006, a video game called Camp Lazlo: Leaky Lake Games was released for the Game Boy Advance.


  • ”I never thought my Lazlo could be… an alien!” - Patsy
  • ”Don’t shoot the moon! We’re loony for the luna!” - Raj
  • QUIET!!!! None of you are geniuses! Why aren’t none of you geniuses?” - Lumpus


  • ”Oh my, the soap dispenser makes a silly sound. It's a good thing we're behaving, or I'd be tempted to press it again!” - Lazlo
  • ”The treasure is very old. It could be liver or an old piece of cheese.” - Raj
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