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Get Powerized: Make Your Own Power Rangers Movie and Win!

Apr 14, 2016

The Power Rangers have been kickin' evil's butt out of school and into deep space for 14 years! Whether they're unleashing wicked kung-fu moves, blasting away with high-tech weapons or powering-up with giant megazord robots and combat forms, they have what it takes to put the smackdown on evil alien invaders. Their new TV series, Power Rangers Mystic Force, brings the multi-colored rangers back for more action and it gives you a chance to snag a $5,000 prize!

Power-Up With a $5,000 Power Rangers Mystic Force Prize

If you want the big bucks with this Power Rangers prize you need to check out their official site, www.GetPowerized.com and find the battle scene with the Power Rangers vs. the Evil Space Aliens. The battle is fierce and it looks like the Power Rangers are going to lose, until they power-up and smash the alien menace!

Now it's time for you to step in and make your own ending! Do the Power Rangers win? Do the Evil Space Aliens return? Does everybody stop fighting and have a giant dance party? It's up to you! Here's how you do it.

  1. Grab a video camera, webcam or even just a regular camera.
  2. Get your Power Rangers Mystic Force action figures.
  3. Create your own ending to the battle.
  4. Film your ending with the video camera and action figures (or just take a sequence of pictures with the regular camera).
  5. Send your video to the GetPowerized.com website.
  6. Cross your fingers and hope you win!

How to Win the $5,000 Prize at GetPowerized.com

Once your Power Rangers contest entry gets received, it'll go up on www.GetPowerized.com for everybody to check out and vote on until the contest ends on June 30, 2006. There are tons of prizes available - there are even prizes for just voting for the coolest entry! When it's all over, one lucky Power Rangers' fan is going to score a $5,000 US scholarship. For even more details, and the info you need on how to enter and win, go surf your way over to www.GetPowerized.com and check it out.

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