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The Real World - Top 10 Seasons

Dec 27, 2006

The Real World has been rockin' MTV's world since 1992. Now, 17 seasons later, we're taking a look back at our top ten favorite casts. Check it out!

#10. Real World Season 1 - New York

Cast: Becky Blasband, Andre Comeau, Heather Gardner, Julie Gentry, Norman Korpi, Eric Nies, Kevin Powell.
Details: The first season of the Real World debuted way back in 1992 when not many people had heard of this new-fangled "reality TV". It's not as exciting or outrageous as later seasons would be but gets serious props for leading the way.

#9. Real World Season 9 - New Orleans

Cast: Melissa Howard, Danny Roberts, Jamie Murray, Julie Stoffer, David Broom, Kelley Limp, Matt Smith.
Details: This season can be summed up by two words: Mardis Gras. This all-party weekend was the crowning episode of ninth season, where over-the-top antics equal hilarious TV viewing. The party weekend takes a turn for the worst when Danny cheats on his boyfriend - but he's eventually forgiven.

#8. Real World Season 16 - Austin

Cast: Danny Jamieson, Johanna Botta, Lacey Buehler, Melinda Stolp, Nehemiah Clark, Rachel Moyal, Wes Bergmann.
Details: Cast members start hitting new lows this season. Johanna steals a rose from a homeless man and goes to jail, Wes slaps Rachel while drunk and Melinda gets it on with Danny while still wearing her boyfriend's promise ring. Let's hope he doesn't own a TV.

#7. Real World Season 4 - London

Cast: Jacinda Barrett, Neil Forrester, Jay Frank, Kat Ogden, Lars Schlichting, Mike Johnson, Sharon Gitau.
Details: Things get bizarre this season with a goat sacrifice that leads to a hunger strike, the arrival of a pig's heart in the mail and a cast members tongue gets bitten off.

#6. Real World Season 8 - Hawaii
Cast: Colin Mortenson, Ruthie Alcaide, Amaya Brecher, Matt Simon, Tecumseh "Teck" Holmes III, Justin Deabler, Justin Deabler, Kaia Beck.
Details: Ruthie gets naked in front of her boss's wife (and then quickly gets sent to rehab), Justin tries to sabotage Amaya and Colin's relationship before leaving the house, and the cast goes on vacation to India.

#5. Real World Season 13 - Paris
Cast: Ace Amerson, Adam King, Chris "CT" Tamburello, Christina Trainor, Leah Gillingwater, Simon Sherry-Wood, Mallory Snyder.
Details: Zees series was zee only wan feelmed een a non-eenglish speaking country. Thankfully, Adam spoke fluent French - which helped him be quite popular with the French ladies. Drama abounds as Leah has a cancer scare and Mallory hides her drinking (and relationship with Ace).

#4. Real World Season 12 - Las Vegas
Cast: Alton Williams, Arissa Hill, Brynn Smith, Frank Roessler, Irulan Wilson, Steven Hill, Trishelle Cannatella.
Details:This season had R-rated action all around. Trishelle and Stephen had a pregnancy scare and there was some bad behavior in the hot tub and Alton and Irulan hooked up. Someone should have told them that the "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" philosophy doesn't apply when you're on TV!

#3. Real World Season 7 - Seattle
Cast: Irene McGee, Stephen Williams, Lindsay Brien, David Burns, Nathan Blackburn, Rebecca Lord, Janet Choi.
Details: This time around, things got physical. Irene had to leave the show because she had Lyme disease - but not before calling Stephen "a homosexual". He ran after her and slapped her, causing the house to have an eviction meeting. Stephen got to stay but was sent to anger management. Meanwhile David got together with one of the crew members causing MTV to fire her. And you thought The Apprentice was harsh?

#2. Real World Season 3 - San Francisco
Cast: Pedro Zamora, David "Puck" Rainey, Rachel Campos, Judd Winick, Cory Murphy, Mohammed Bilal, Pam Ling, Joanna Rhodes.
Details: Drama was the name of the game in San Fransisco. Pedro was dying of AIDS while Puck was leaving him anti-gay voicemails (after he got his scabby-self evicted from the house) and Judd and Pam later went on to get married. Who needs soap operas when you've got these guys?

#1. Real World Season 11 - Chicago
Cast: Aneesa Ferreira, Cara Kahn, Chris Beckman, Keri Evans, Kyle Brandt, Theo Gantt III, Tonya Cooley.
Details: The Real World Chicago's season finale and September 11th edition were the highest-rated of all the Real World episodes. The season featured romance, illness, recovery from alcoholism, and terrorism. This was the Real World at its most real.

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