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Superman Returns DVD Review

Dec 27, 2006

It's been nearly 20 years since Superman flew onto movie screens around the globe - but he's finally back in all his caped-glory. Find out if this is a superhero movie to be remembered or if we've waited all this time for nothing.

Superman Returns - Back From Vacation

It's been five years since Superman left on a journey to Krypton to see what was left of his home planet. After a disappointing journey, Superman has returned to Earth to resume life as a savior to the people of the planet. He soon realizes, however, that not everyone is so happy about his return - namely his long-lost love, Lois Lane. She's since won a Pulitzer for an article titled, "Why the World Doesn't Need Superman", gotten engaged and had a son!

Superman Returns - Crime-Fighting Fun?

Superman doesn't have a whole lot of time to worry about Lois and her hurt feelings because Lex Luthor is back to his old shenanigans of attempting to take over the world. This time, he's managed to get his hands on some magic crystals intended for Superman from his dad, Jor-El. With the crystals, Lex intends to wipe out the majority of the planet's population and then force them to buy back land created by his cosmic stones. Of course, being his number one enemy, Lex knows Superman's one great weakness - Kryptonite! This time around, beating Lex Luthor is not going to be as easy as Superman thought.

Superman Returns - Super Disappointments

Usually superhero movies are easily held together with crazy special effects and high-flying action, and while Superman Returns has a little bit of that, it really falls short of your expectations. Sure, he lands a crashing plane, saving all the passengers on board and takes Lois flying high above the city of Metropolis. But there are also scenes in which Superman faces some pretty unfair fights and the results are way more graphic than any superhero movie should be. Aside from the lack of impressive special effects, none of the actors really shined with their acting ability either. Newcomer Brandon Routh was unconvincing as the Man of Steel and Kevin Spacey's girlfriend (played by Parker Posey) provided more entertainment than he did as Lex Luthor.

When you spend close to $300 million US on a movie, you'd expect that there'd be some pretty cool behind-the-scenes footage to include on the DVD. If you're a fan of this high-flying hero, you'll be stoked with the Superman Returns DVD. Included in this double-disc edition is a three-hour making of documentary, deleted scenes, featurettes about costumes, sets and the resurrection of old Superman footage. This is a must have for all Superman fans.

Superman Returns - Bottom Line

Compared to other recent comic book flicks like X-Men: The Last Stand and Batman Begins, Superman Returns is a super-disappointment. The plot is really weak, the special effects are nothing to brag about and the acting is often forced and awkward. Unless you are a die-hard Superman fan, we recommend you stay in and rent some old Christopher Reeves' Superman flicks or grab a copy of the Lois and Clark TV show now on DVD, rather than waste your money on this box-office blunder.

Superman Returns Rating:

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