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Sindy's Blog - October 12, 2006

Dec 27, 2006

October 12, 2006

Thanks to everyone who has so far signed up to be my friend on myspace! It's pretty cool being able to keep in contact with everyone through that way. If you haven't checked out my profile yet, you can take a look at it right here!

These past few weeks I've been trying desperately to sort out a Halloween costume. There's only two weeks left and I still haven't put anything together. A girl in my drama class is going to have a Halloween party at her place so I really need to think of something fast! I kind of thought of going as a vampire again, but that seems a bit boring. Or then I was thinking I could pair up with a friend and go as Paris and Nicole after their cat fight. One of us could have a black eye or something, some torn clothes. I don't know... Do any of you have for me?

I don't know why I always leave these things to the last minute. I keep telling myself that I'm going to start planning my costume months in advance but I never do. I guess it's because Halloween always just creeps up on me - I'm so wrapped up with going back-to-school and getting back into the routine of homework that suddenly its October and I'm scrambling to find some lame costume at the novelty store.

Do any of you have your costumes ready yet? What are you going to be? what you're planning to be and I'll post up all your ideas in my blog next time. It's so much easier to come up with good ideas when you have other people to brainstorm with!

Peace Out,


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