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Sindy's Blog - November 9, 2006

Dec 27, 2006

November 9, 2006

Wow - Halloween was super crazy this year! I ended up going to a party with a bunch of my friends from drama class. Everyone's costumes were so cool! There were a lot of people dressed up as sailors and witches and all those classic costumes - but there were also some really original ones, like these guys dressed up as Mario and Luigi and a friend of mine went as '80s Madonna.

My astronaut costume went over pretty well. It was a bit awkward, especially when I had to go to the bathroom, but I got used to it after a while. We had zombie movies playing in the background, there was some truth or dare going on and then some total loser tried to get everyone to play seven minutes in heaven but none of us were even kind of interested in making out with each other! There are NO cute boys at our school right now.

So, post-Halloween I decided to make a project for myself. My bedroom hasn't been re-painted since I was, like, five. There are still weird Disney characters wallpapered to the walls in some places too. I'm just kind of tired of living in a baby bedroom so I'm going to redecorate. My mom said it was cool as long as I do all the work myself and I don't spend more than $150.

If I hit up some thrift shops and get some mis-tinted paint I think I can totally make it happen. I haven't quite figured out what the theme is going to be but I want there to be some bright colors and definitely a lounge-y area with lots of pillows for when my friends come over to hang out.

If anybody has any decorating ideas, I'd love to hear them! Have any of you recently redecorated your bedrooms? !

Peace Out,


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