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Simon's Blog - December 4, 2006

Dec 27, 2006

December 4, 2006

My mom put up the Christmas lights this weekend, which was a little early - if you ask me (not that anyone at my house would ask me). Now she's nagging me to put together a list of stuff I want. She always makes a big deal about how I only ask for stuff that's super expensive. I say she should talk to the makers of the PS3. I don't set the prices for this stuff.

There's some cool stuff on Kidzworld's Top Toy Countdown for 2006, so I'll probably steal a couple of ideas from there. I think I'll also ask for the Gnarls Barkley CD and a few DVDs just to appease my mom's cheapskate tendencies.

The snow has started piling up and we've scored a couple of days off school. Obviously skateboarding is out of the question in this kind of weather but Ben and I have gone tubing a couple of times at this giant hill by his place. Ben totally bailed and hit a tree face-first. He's okay now but he was pretty messed up at first. His forehead is one giant scab, which you would think would really gross out the chicks, but they keep making a total fuss over him. Maybe I need to slam my head into something?

Anyway, I gotta run. Let me know what you're putting on your Christmas wish list this year. And what are buying for your friends and family? Do you buy for everyone or just draw names? .


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