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Xeko Mission: Costa Rica Card Game Set Review

Reviewed by on Jan 25, 2007
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Save the environment with more eco-friendly fun in the Mission Costa Rica expansion for the Xeko card game!

What’s Xeko Mission: Costa Rica? It’s a dueling card game that isn’t just fun to play, it’s good for the environment and can teach you a few things about real-world creatures at the same time! The first Xeko Mission: Madagascar set, was all about the island off the coast of Africa, this time it’s Costa Rica, a land between North America and South America, and all the wild creatures there. Here’s the scoop on the game.

Xeko: Costa Rica - Wild and Crazy Animals

The Xeko card game, Madagascar and Costa Rica, has you and a friend battling for space in the ecosystem of Costa Rica. You each have a deck of cards and each card is either a species of animal, a power-up Boost card or a special Xeko card. The animal cards battle with Energy ratings and win you the game with Eco-Points while the other cards let you activate special powers. When one player runs out of cards both players add up their Eco-Points, plus some bonus points, and the highest score wins the game!

Xeko: Costa Rica - Eco-Friendly Fun for Everyone!

The cards are printed on recycled paper, which is cool, and every time you buy a pack some of your cashola goes to help save endangered animals. And probably cute ones too! You can also find out a bunch of weird facts about the animals in Costa Rica by checking out the cards. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to do a school project on this card game and get your parents to buy you a bunch of cards as ‘school supplies’!

Xeko: Costa Rica - Endangered Fun!

The biggest problem with the original Xeko game is that rare cards are more powerful than common cards, so whoever buys the most cards will have the strongest deck. Xeko Mission: Costa Rica still has this problem, which is frustrating for gamers with a small allowance! It’s also easier to win by playing lots of high Eco-rating creatures with low Energy, and losing all your Turf Wars, than by trying to win Turf Wars!

Xeko: Costa Rica – Worth the Trip?

The new Costa Rica mission for Xeko is a decent boost for the game and it packed with cool new animals and cards. But, other than an awesome new Starter Box and a bunch of different animals, it’s pretty much the same as the original Madagascar set.

Xeko Mission: Costa Rica Thumbs Up:

  • Cute and cool creatures on the cards!
  • Super eco-friendly cards.
  • Learn about real-life creatures as you play.
  • The starter box is great for storing cards.
  • Xeko Mission: Costa Rica Thumbs Down:

  • Whoever buys the most cards will win the most duels.
  • Still easier to win by losing than to win by winning.
  • Xeko Mission: Costa Rica Rating: 4

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