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Sindy's Blog - February 1, 2007

Jan 31, 2007

February 1, 2007

The most annoying holiday of the year is in T minus 14 days. The past few years I've had a boyfriend on Valentine's Day, but I have to say, that didn't really mean I was excited about it. The stress of trying to figure out what to buy, what to wear, and what to do is just too much. This year - since I am single - I plan on having a bit of a different V-Day.

I think boycotting the 14th, or holding an anti-Valentine's Day party, just proves that you're letting the whole thing bother you too much. Instead, I plan on embracing this day of love... just in a different way than usual. This year I'm going to host the First Annual Sindy's Girls Night. I like sappy, romantic flicks just as much as the next girl, so why not use Valentine's Day to properly indulge in all the mushy movies I usually pass by at the video store for fear that someone will see me renting them?

This idea kind of just came to me so I haven't had a chance to invite anyone other than my mom. Is that weird? I just figure that she's probably going to feel a little bummed about being alone on Valentine's Day, but she doesn't have to be sad. She can watch DVDs, eat chocolate and curl up in her comfiest PJs with the rest of us. She seemed really excited about it.

I'm still not sure what movies I'm going to get for my slumber party but I know that I'll have to get The Notebook. There are few movies out there that are sappier than that one. Maybe I'll get my mom to make some suggestions. I'm sure she's seen tons of sappy movies that I've never even heard of. There's still a little time to figure out the official movie line-up.

So what are you all up to for Valentine's Day? Do you love this holiday or are you looking for a new tradition like I am? !

Peace Out,


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