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Magic: The Gathering: Planar Chaos Expansion Set Review

Reviewed by on Feb 14, 2007
Rating: 5 Star Rating

We review the Magic: The Gathering card game expansion, Planar Chaos, from Wizards of the Coast!

The Magic: The Gathering [kwlink]card game[/kwlink] is all about dueling wizards that teleport across different planes full of fantastic creatures and weird magic. But, the planes are crumbling like a cookie and things are getting even more messed up than in Time Spiral! The Planar Chaos expansion set is packed full of cards that take the normal powers of the five colors of Magic and toss them into a blender. Here’s Gary’s card game review!

Magic: The Gathering: Planar Chaos – Wacky and Weird!

In most Magic duels you know what each color can do.
  • White heals and defends.
  • Green gains life and has huge creatures.
  • Red blasts stuff and has big creatures.
  • Black destroys stuff and drains life.
  • Blue stops other spells and draws extra cards.

  • But, with Planar Chaos, any color can do anything! There are no new powers, but a lot of powers get traded between colors. It also has five massive dragons, new Slivers and new Theme Decks. It also has legendary heroes in it, but good guys have become bad guys all of a sudden, like a “What if?” comic book!

    Magic: The Gathering: Planar Chaos - Theme Deck Reviews

    In the middle of everything going nuts, with pigs flying, elves turning purple and dragons auditioning for American Idol, there are four new Theme Decks to get new players into the game. Each of these decks has been built with combos and powers ready to clobber your opponent. Here’s the 411 on each, and a link to the review.
  • Endless March - Bounce your powerful creatures in and out of reality to win! *Review Coming Soon*
  • Ixidor’s Legacy - Shapeshifting monsters keep your opponent confused as you clobber them. *Review Coming Soon*
  • Rituals of Rebirth - Use combos to bring giant monsters back from the grave to crush your opponent. *Review Coming Soon*
  • Unraveling Mind - Crazy combos, and a vampire cat, let you drive your opponent nuts! *Review Coming Soon*
  • Magic: The Gathering: Planar Chaos – Crazy Fun or Just Plain Nuts?

    The mixed-up powers in Planar Chaos are weird, but it’s super easy to power-up decks by adding abilities that different colors have never had before. The new Slivers are great news too, but the huge new dragons are the rock stars of the set! With heaps of great cards, Planar Chaos is totally worth picking up a bunch of.

    Magic: The Gathering: Planar Chaos Set Rating:


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