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Survivor - Finale

Dec 27, 2006

Well this is it. Keith Famie, Tina Wesson and Colby Donaldson. One of these names will join the ranks of Richard Hatch and become an ultimate survivor. Will the best person win? Who is the best person anyway?

This episode is two hours long. That's a lot of time to fill when there are only three people to fill it with. And, to be honest, not the three most interesting people either. As much as we all hated Jerri - and we all did - at least she was interesting. It was painful to listen to Keith mutter and mumble about how much he has "grown" and how much "perspective" he has gained. Colby is still an interesting fella, but there is only so much space he can fill with his theories and opinions. After a while I'm like - hey, didn't he just say that? Tina, well, I admire her for keeping up the southern Mary Poppins thing so consistently. Sure Elisabeth is America's sweetheart, but Tina is the definitiion of the word perky. Perky gets on your nerves after a while. In other words I was sick of all of them by the time this episode rolled around. But, as with last season, I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The finale was a major letdown and a total suck of our (the precious viewers) time. The worst part of it had to be when they showed the faces of the fallen survivors one by one with cheesy music. I mean, it was like that roll of shots they do of the actors who died at every oscar show. These people are still alive! They just didn't win a million bucks - there are worse things -what's with the melodrama?

Prior to the final immunity challenge, a lot of time (it seemed like hours) was filled watching Colby, Keith and Tina carve idols. Something about giving back to the land they have taken so much from (are they talking about the pig?) Finally, it's off to the Tribal Council, where they perform their final immunity challenge in front of the jury.

It's the exact same final challenge as last season's Survivor. The three are given paper and a marker and they have to answer some trivia questions about their fellow castaways. I thought for sure that Tina had this is the bag - she talked to everyone like she was their best friend. Well, turns out Tina did listen - just not as well as Colby. Everyone's favorite cowboy wins again. Keith didn't come close. Tina was tied with Colby until a final question about who was proud of having been on the Dean's List for five semesters in College. Tina says Nick. Colby says Amber. It was Amber. Immunity means Colby's is the vote that counts. He must decide who he competes against for one million dollars. It's a tense moment as Colby casts his vote. He surprises a great many people, I think, when Jeff reads that the last person kicked out of the Outback is Keith. Afterall, if Colby had kept Keith and ditched Tina he was basically guaranteed a win. With Tina against him - not so much.

The two last survivors headed back to camp and burned up everything flammable. They talked, they bonded. The last day there, they seemed more than a little nostalgic - which is weird because if it were me I would just wanna get outta there and get some food. After breaking down and burning the camp, they headed to Tribal Council for the final time. As we watched them walk we got to hear the jury's thoughts. Turns out a lot of them were not sure who they were going to vote for. Elisabeth said she is surprised that Colby kept Tina around because it makes it harder for him to win. Jerri (the wicked witch of the outback) was giddy she'd gotten power back.

Just like last season, Tina and Colby had to face the jury and answer one question from each member. Some of the questions were predictable but some were tough and original. Elisabeth wanted to know, if Colby and Tina could give a million dollars to five of the jury members, which two would not get the money (there were seven jury members in total.) Tina said Rodger and Jerri would not get the money from her. Colby answered Jerri and Keith. Well, it just wasn't Jerri's day. When Jerri got to ask her question she asked what did they feel remorse about doing. You could tell she expected them to bring up backstabbing her - she was totally fishing for a compliment, but she didn't get one. In fact Tina said she felt sorry for being goaded into searching through Kel's backpack (Jerri's idea.) I thought that Colby had it in the bag - his answers seemed better - but then, when asked what were they going to do with the money - Tina says she will pay off her house, and her friends house, and then use the interest from the remaining money to help family's in need. You know she got some votes there.

So the jury voted. Then Jeff collected the bucket, ran off into a chopper and left. What?! Well, it turned out that they would not know the winner until a live broadcast after the show. Yep. If I was Colby and Tina I would have gone insane by now. They filmed the show months ahead of time. It ended in January. Colby and Tina have had to wait until now - May - to find out if they are a millionaire. UGH! The next thing ya know, we've cut to a sound stage that looked exactly like the real tribal council. And of course all the castaways were present. I didn't even recognize them. Colby's got his weight back and was clean shaven (I liked him better gaunt and bristly.) Tina looks about twenty years younger (hmmm, she didn't look that young on the first day in the outback.) Jeff finally arrived, with the bucket of votes, after a painfully long intro by helicopter. He proceeded to fill more time babbling about who-knows-what. I have no idea what he said I was too busy yelling "Shut up already and read the votes!" When he read the votes, which was also painfully slow, it was revealed - three to four in favor of Tina... Tina Wesson is the ultimate survivor.

The Interview

Next, in came Bryant Gumble, from the CBS Morning Show for the live interview of all 16 castaways. Even poor Debb Eaton who was the very first to go. This is when it got kinda good. Kel was asked about his rivalry with Jerri to which he stated, "I have forgiven her but I don't like her." The audience cheered. Jerri laughed. The woman, even after watching herself on TV and knowing the world hates her, is still as cold as ice. Debb almost cried as she claimed she was treated unfairly by the media and that no one got to know her. She said she would never ever do it again. Mitchell said he wouldn't either. Mad Dog talked way too much. Tina barely spoke at all, neither did Colby. It seems Kimmi tried to call Alicia when they got home but Alicia wouldn't return her call. Jeff and Alicia are best friends. Michael's hands have healed pretty well - but they are still kinda discolored. Nick revealed that he thought all the girls were "nasty" out there, although he thinks in real life they are cute. Two very cool things that we never knew: Keith was supposed to be on the first Survivor and Tina was not picked for this Survivor. She was an alternate. Someone else fell through and Tina got called up. And now she is a millionaire.

Did Tina deserve to win because she outwitted everyone and managed to stay in the game even though she didn't win one immunity? Or did Colby deserve to win because he outplayed everyone? Well, the word deserve doesn't seem to factor into this game in the end. But whatever your opinion - the tribe has spoken.

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