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Spectrobes - Nintendo DS Video Game Review

Reviewed by on Mar 12, 2007
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The Krawl are coming and it’s up to you to save the day by collecting ancient Spectrobes in this new DS game. Here’s Gary’s game review.

Spectrobes has arrived! This cool new game from Disney lets you play as Rallen, a member of the Nanairo Planetary Patrol. He and his partner Jeena find a crashed shuttle with an old guy in it and he’s all “Lookout, the Krawl are coming to eat your planets unless you defeat them with Spectrobes.” And, well, he’s right. So it’s up to you to fly around collecting Spectrobes, using them to clobber the Krawl and save the universe. Not only does Gary have a Spectrobes game review for you, there are Spectrobes videos and pictures too!

Spectrobes – Digging up Heroes 101

As Rallen you get a Prizmod device that lets you control Spectrobes. One follows you around to help you find other Spectrobe fossils, rare cubes and power-up minerals. You can have up to six more in the Prizmod to help you battle the Krawl. When the Krawl show up, two Spectrobes join you in 3D combat with basic attacks, charged attacks, special powers and even combo-attacks! When you aren’t battling the Krawl, you’re on a mission to save the universe by exploring your solar system, finding ancient ruins and excavating even more powerful Spectrobes. There are also multiplayer options that let you trade Spectrobes and items, or battle a friend. You can even have 16-player tournaments!

Spectrobes – From Cute to Awesome!

The fun starts with the addicting excavation mini-game where you dig up Spectrobes by scraping away dirt and rocks with the touch screen and the stylus. Then you use your voice to wake up the fossil and it turns into a cute critter! After some time in the incubator, the cute Spectrobe grows up, changes form and you can command it in battle. Later on they can get even stronger as they enter their evolved form! There are lots of Spectrobes to collect, special items to find, more gear for Rallen and tons of different things you can do that’ll keep Spectrobes fun for ages.

Spectrobes – Evolution: Cute, Dangerous, Deadly

Excavate Spectrobe fossils, wake them with your voice, raise them and lead them in battle against the Krawl!
Excavate Spectrobe fossils, wake them with your voice, raise them and lead them in battle against the Krawl!
Excavate Spectrobe fossils, wake them with your voice, raise them and lead them in battle against the Krawl!

Spectrobes – Krawl-ing With Problems

Unfortunately, Rallen is in every battle and if he gets clobbered it’s game over, which is frustrating cuz he’s weak! Make sure to power-up his defense and carry some of the expensive healing items. Also, how come you can’t play as Jeena instead of Rallen? That would have been awesome.

Spectrobes – Digging up Fun?

Spectrobes is a blast. It’s packed with cool critters to dig up, 3D battles, tons of options and lots of powers to use in battle. It also has excellent multiplayer modes that can be combined with a Wi-Fi USB plug to let you have Spectrobes battles online! If you manage to keep Rallen from getting bonked on the head by a giant Krawl, you’ll really enjoy this game.

Spectrobes – Downloadable Video Webisodes

Spectrobes Thumbs Up:

  • 3D battles against the Krawl.
  • Lots of Spectrobes to collect, raise and battle with.
  • Watch the TV show for more action with Rallen and Jeena!
  • The excavation mini-game is addictive! Can you get 100%?
  • Awesome multiplayer options.
  • Collectible cards let you unlock more Spectrobes and items.

Spectrobes Thumbs Down:

  • It’s tricky to keep Rallen safe!
  • Healing items are super expensive.

Spectrobes Game Rating: 5

Spectrobes is available for: Nintendo DS.

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