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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl :: Nintendo DS Game Reviews

Reviewed by on Apr 23, 2007
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The new Pokemon games are here and we have reviews! Get the 411 on Team Galactic, the Sinnoh region, WiFi battles, online chat, Pokemon contests and more.

They're here! The new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl video games for Nintendo DS arrived on April 22, 2007 at game stores all over North America. Each version lets you play as a new Pokemon Trainer in the Sinnoh region, a land full of new Pokemon to capture and tons of adventure! Are they good? Are they bad? What's new? What's cool? Gary's has the 411 on these two new games right here with his Pokemon Diamond and Pearl game reviews.

Pokemon Evolved

These new Pokemon games for DS are an evolution of the Pokemon GBA games like Pokemon Emerald where you become a Pokemon Trainer and collect Pokemon as you adventure across an entire region. They take all the RPG action that Pokemon fans know, power it up with 3D graphics, add 100 new Pokemon to catch and new Pokemon Contests that let you enter your Pokemon into competitions of beauty, strength and coolness. Then they go crazy with Wi-Fi options that let you take the action online - chatting, battling and trading with your friends across the net!

Fantastic Fun!

500 Pokemon to catch, VoIP internet chat as you trade or battle with friends, the new Team Galactic to battle, new Pokemon evolutions, better graphics and more make this game rock. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl also clean up a lot of old Pokemon video game problems, making it easier, and more fun, to play. The biggest boost with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is the online multiplayer. With the DS' Wi-Fi you can go online to trade and battle with your friends, explore an underground maze together and even play capture the flag with secret bases! The online modes are kid-safe too cuz you can only play with someone if you know each others' Friend Code first.

Poke Your Eyes Out

As cool as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are, they're 99% identical! The only real difference is a few Pokemon here and there that can only be caught in one version or the other. This means that hardcore Pokemon players have to shell out $$$ on two copies of the game if they want to catch every Pokemon. The new Journal is also weak - it needs a "you're trying to..." message to remind you what you're trying to do in case you forget.

Gems or Garbage?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are priceless gems! They're a huge leap in the fun-factor of the old Pokemon video games for GBA and are packed with heaps of extra mini-games, Pokemon to catch and tons of incredible multiplayer modes. These new Pokemon games are super fun for new Pokemon fans, loaded with extras for expert Pokemon Trainers, and they're just plain fun. Plus, you can voice chat with anyone else who has a copy! They're so cool!

Thumbs Up:

  • 500 Pokemon to catch, including 100 new ones!
  • Easier to play and more fun than ever.
  • Pokemon Contests - may the cutest Pokemon win!
  • Tons of mini-games and extra options.
  • Battle, trade, chat and more online!
  • Friend Codes help keep online play safe.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Having to buy both copies to collect all the Pokemon is annoying.
  • The journal isn't very handy.
  • Game Ratings: 5

    Available for: Nintendo DS.

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