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2007 NFL Draft Preview

Apr 25, 2007

On April 28-29, 2007, the NFL will have its annual NFL Draft. Which of these college football stars will be the next Peyton Manning? Kidzworld's got the 411 on the best prospects in the 2007 NFL Draft!

2007 NFL Draft - Draft Order

The first pick of the 2007 NFL Draft belongs to the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders desperately need this pick after a dismal 2-14 finish last season. The Detroit Lions hold the second pick, while Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Arizona round up the first five selections. The Super Bowl champions, the Indianapolis Colts, hold the 32nd and final pick of the first round.

2007 NFL Draft - Players To Watch

  • JaMarcus Russell - With his size (6'6", 263 lbs.) and skill, JaMarcus has future NFL star written all over him. JaMarcus is said to have the strongest arm out of all the quarterback prospects this year. He was a three-year starter at LSU and led the Tigers to the Sugar Bowl last season. Word is, the Raiders are going to use their number one pick on JaMarcus.
  • Brady Quinn - Brady Quinn's talent level is so high, he's been called the next Tom Brady. Brady broke 36 school records during his four season tenure with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, he has a high football IQ and he's a solid athlete. With a resume like that, he'll be a starter in the NFL in no time!
  • Adrian Peterson - Adrian was easily the best running back in college football last season. He was the first player in Oklahoma history to rush for 3,000 yards over the span of two seasons and his size, strength and speed will be an asset for any NFL squad.
  • Calvin Johnson - If you throw a ball anywhere in Calvin's vicinity, he'll most likely catch it. This Georgia Tech product is the best wide receiver in this year's class and will be a force in the league next year!
  • Joe Thomas - It's offensive lineman like Joe Thomas that make quarterbacks comfortable. At 6'6" and 313 lbs, this Wisconsin standout will make it hard for anybody to bust through the offensive line and tackle the quarterback. He's mobile for his size and will put a monster block on anyone he comes up against!
  • Marshawn Lynch - Marshawn is an intriguing player. His style is a little unconventional, but he's incredibly strong and has the ability to rack up the yards. Although he's projected to be a mid-first rounder, we're choosing Marshawn as the dark [KWLINK 1784]horse[KWLINK] in the draft. Five years down the road, people might be saying he should've been the first pick in the draft!
  • To get more in-depth coverage of this 2007 NFL draft, go to www.nfl.com/draft.
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