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The Ex Movie Review

Reviewed by on May 10, 2007
Rating: 2 Star Rating

When a New York chef loses his job on the day his first child is born, he has to move to his wifes hometown in Ohio. Its not easy to get used to - and neither is working with his wifes ex!

When a New York chef loses his job, he's forced to move to Ohio to take a job with his dad. Settling into his new routine is difficult and his wife's ex-boyfriend isn't making it any easier. Check out this new Zach Braff film!

The Ex - Left a Good Job in the City

When Tom Reilly (Zach Braff) loses his job as a chef in a high-end New York restaurant, he's forced to move to Ohio to work for his father-in-law in order to support his wife Sophia (Amanda Peet) and new baby. It's pretty difficult getting into the office grind, and his co-worker Chip Sanders (Jason Bateman) isn't making things any easier.

The Ex - Working for the Man Every Night and Day

Chip is Sophia's paraplegic high school flame, who is bent on winning her back. Using his disability to gain sympathy, he launches a passive-aggressive attack on Tom. Meanwhile Chip is flirting up a storm with Sophia, who enjoys the distraction after giving up her law career to be a mom.

The Ex - Worrying About the Way Things Might Have Been

Chip's sabotage against Tom continues to escalate and Tom begins to plan his own schemes (albeit inferior ones). Meanwhile everyone strangely thinks Chip is the good guy. Sophia tells Tom he's paranoid and Tom's co-workers think that Chip "is an inspiration". It's never really made clear why everyone is so clueless to Chip's passive-aggressive tendencies.

The Ex - The Bottom Line

The Ex has an interesting premise and a lot of individually funny scenes, but the overall movie is awkward and, if not lifeless, then at least on life support. Zach Braff, Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman all perform admirably with the less than ideal script, but that's not enough to keep this movie afloat.

The Ex Rating:2

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