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Simon's Blog - July 17, 2007

Reviewed by on Jul 16, 2007
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Simon blogs about being dumped in his free teen online journal.

July 17, 2007

Vanessa dumped me. Can you believe it! I'm pretty bummed out about the whole thing, but I'm mostly really angry. She's such a complete lunatic!

So here's the story: Vanessa has been nagging me since the beginning of summer that I "never see her" anymore. She didn't like me getting a PART-TIME job - though she sure doesn't mind me paying for her when we go out - and she's just been really pouty and needy. Then all of a sudden, she claims I must have met someone new at work (I work with all guys, by the way).

I don't get her at all. I'm not even kind of cheating on her. I don't really even have any friends who are girls - unless you count Sindy, who's way out in California. Where does she come up with this stuff? Ugh, I just keep thinking of things that I want to say to her - like really good comebacks that I only thought of hours after she broke up with me. Man, this is so lame. I'm just so distracted. I really liked her. What happened?!

Anyways, I've just been kind of bummed out since that happened a few days ago. She hasn't called me since - and I'm definitely not going to be the one to call her. Have you ever been dumped over something you didn't do? I could really use some advice. !


1Well I have NOT been dumped but it must of sucked. If i was u and if i was a guy i would NOT call her. Just wait, things could patch up. If u happen 2 see her then just smile a little smile. The best thing 2 do is wait.
Username: Anonymous

1Dude, if she dosn't trust you she's not worth it. Call her and tell her that it's too bad she can't trust you, because you trusted her, and you didn't do anything wrong. Or talk to your mom. She must know how girls work.
Username: Anonymous

1OK... I know you prolly don't want 2 here this but, if she likes you enough, she'll get over the whole thing and call you... it might be a couple of days, or weeks but she will if she does like you. Keep hanging in there. You might even try to meet new girls and if she does call and you want to get back together, do it. Just don't seem like you've been waiting around for her to call, you'll seem desperate for her.
Username: Anonymous

1I'm sorry, dude. I know how it feels. My ex boyfriend Brandon broke up with me through a bus window.
Username: Anonymous

1Well, get another girl. If she is going to do dat then it won't be a happy relationship. Who cares about her?
Username: Anonymous

1Um, just get another one shes not good for you!!!!!!!
Username: Anonymous

1Man, Take this from a girl. I am only in 3rd grade but I have had a broken heart before and it does not feel really good so just forget about her. There is another wonderful girl out there for you because I am sure you are a good guy and if she wants you back tell her no, you were right. There is another girl out there for you and it is not her!
Username: Elise

1That MAY seem pretty low to break up with you like that, but she was just CARING about you two's relationship. Sure, she may have dumped you, but maybe she still cares. Why don't you try letting her look at where you work to prove that you aren't lying when she says that you're cheating on her, and maybe you guys can work things out again?
Username: Anonymous

1 I've been dumped plenty of times. Funny thing is it was by the same guy! He dumped me like five times and I still went out with him. I am so stupid!!!!!!!!!!
Username: Anonymous

1Look dude, if she dumped you for no reason then she wasn't even worth the time! But hey, MAYBE ya'll will patch it up later.
Username: Anonymous

1If she's that needy, u dont need HER! Trust me - I'm a girl. My boyfriend so totally agrees. He says that he'd dump her.
Username: Anonymous

1Maybe she's not the one for you or maybe she's not your type. You seem sweet and so if she breaks up with you don't be too bumed, go out there and get the right girl for you!
Username: Anonymous

1Dude, I realy feel sorry for u but that's life. Oh yeah, I have never been dumped but at my school it seems that most of da girls like me....
Username: Anonymous

1I think that she's just really upset over the fact that you guys don't spend that much time together anymore. The only thing to do is to try and work this out. Set aside dates that you can both be together without ANY interuptions. Do things that so that she knows you're the only one she has eyes for. But try and be empathetic about the everything or you will fight and make things worse! And another thing.. relationships aren't about pride and winning fights, they're about love and understanding. So call her!!
Username: Miss Ghetto

1Dear Simon, if you say you're cool and cute well then if she's gone move on you move on because a boy liked me but see he wasn't popular and I was see already a breakup in the making but he was cute so I gave him a chance for valintimes day he gave me jewelry and candy I gave him a carm bracelet which represented our relationship and candy to and as the relationship went on I he thought I was cheating to well of course me being popular and him not I could have any boy I wated to but I stick with my men I told him I wasn't cheating he belived me and later I found out from his cousin my friend that he was using me to become popular but you know how gossip spreads everybody found out he didn't love me like I loved him so we broke up and I hooked up with his cousin my friend who treated me the way I wanted to be treated and I treated him the way he wanted to be treated and he was already popular but what i'm trying to say is that you can easily find someone else if your heart is in heart is in the right place because you love her ad she left the I broke up with he can't get a girl to talk to him not because I was popular because his heart was in the wrong place and my wasn't you loved her the way you was suppose to and I respect that and I know you will get aother girl even better I got a boyfriend even and you will get an girlfriend even better I know so.
Username: sweet ali cat

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