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Midtown Madness :: Kids Submit PC Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

I am going to talk about a game called Midtown Madness.

It is a basic car game with good graphics.

You can choose to cruise around the city crashing into other cars and buildings. You can drive around in tunnels and you can even drive inside buildings!

You get to choose from 10 different vehicles to start with. Later, you also get to unlock secret cars by completing the necessary stages.

If you get stuck you can always beat the level by cheating.

Playing multiplayer Midtown Madness with a friend using a modem or the internet is fun because you can play cops and robbers.

I wouldn't recommend this to little kids because there are bad words but not any swearing.

Midtown Madness Game Rating:


Computer - Windows 95/98/2000, 200Mhz Processor, 32MB RAM, 300MB Hard Drive space

Kidz Submit by:

/ Nickname: Kevin
Age: 11

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