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Hot Shots Tennis :: PS2 Sports Game Review

Reviewed by on Aug 25, 2007
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Hot Shots Tennis brings a fat sack of wacky tennis action to the courts! Is it a fun game or super stinky? We review it.

Hot Shots Tennis is here for the Playstation 2 and ready to give the game of tennis a wedgie! It takes the serious sport and gives it a dose of wackiness by cranking the dial up to ten and giving you a weird bunch of tennis players to choose from. Gary got his game on, tested it out, and here's his Hot Shots Tennis game review!

Serving up Fun

There are three ways to play tennis in this game, Training Mode teaches you the basics, Fun Time Mode lets you play with a few friends and Challenge Mode is the main game with lots of matches and levels. Any way you play it, you pick a cartoony character and go smash the ball around.


What makes Hot Shots Tennis a blast is how everything explodes with sparks and cool graphics as you play. Each character also has a few things to say when they totally mess up or score big. It's also nice to be able to unlock a few extra items.

Foul Balls

Once you get past the flashy stuff, there's not a lot of fun here. There isn't a lot to unlock and customizing your character is limited, you can't even improve their skills! The actual tennis isn't very good and the computer is about as smart as a dirty sock. Plus, you can't play online, at all!

Final Score

It's bright, shiny and looks like a whole lot of fun. Unfortunately, there's just not enough game here to keep you playing for long. If you're looking for a goofy tennis game, it's playable, but it won't win any awards!

Thumbs Up:

  • Cool characters.
  • Fun graphics!
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Not much to unlock.
  • No online multiplayer.
  • You can't customize your character much.
  • The tennis isn't very good.
  • Game Rating: 3

    Available for: PS2.

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