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Swypeout Online Battle Racing Game Review

Reviewed by on Sep 25, 2007
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Jump into online battle racing with blasting weapons and cards you can swipe to upgrade your car! Here’s our Swypout review.

Swypeout is here to bring you high-speed online racing, complete with crazy weapons to let you blast the competition into next week as you race into first place! There's a lot going on with Swypeout, from an online community to collectible cards, a card-reader and more. Gary buckled up and took the game for a test drive to see how cool it is and here's his Swypeout review!

Racing Basics

Swypeout starts when you grab a starter pack, plug in the Swypeout Scanner and download the game from You make an account, speed through the tutorial and swipe your cards - red ones for upgrades or green ones for weapons! The races match up players from all over the world and winning earns you credits. You can upgrade your car with credits, or by grabbing booster packs and swiping in more cards!

Pure Adrenalin!

Blasting the competition out of your way with a rocket is awesome! Turning your favorite car into a high-speed machine is also super cool. Especially tweaking the paint job and adding decals. Swypeout is also a safe online game so there's no need to worry about internet weirdos. You can even take Swypeout for a test drive with the free game download!

Crash and Burn

One weird thing about racing in Swypeout is that there's almost no inertia, which makes sliding around corners really hard! There are some problems with crashing too - not in the races, the program! It has a few glitches, like random warning signs when you aren't doing anything or crashing your computer, which really cramps the coolness. Once those get fixed, it'll be a lot more fun.

First Place or Failure?

Swypeout is an awesome idea and has a great online system that lets players of any age enjoy the action. A few bugs keep it from being fantastically cool, but it's still fun for race fans and the latest updates have really helped it out. Plus, on September 27, 2007 the Swypeout Store opened to let you buy sweet upgrades and decals with your credits!

Thumbs Up:

  • Upgrade and customize your car!
  • Swipe in weapons for each race.
  • Race, trade and chat online at
  • Download the game for free to try it out.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Glitches and bugs!
  • No inertia in the races.
  • Game Rating: 4

    Available for: PC

  • Get more action at:
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