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Commander Keen :: GBC Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

Everybody knows Billy Blaze, he's a perfectly ordinary eight year-old kid. What they don't know is that he's also Commander Keen, super-genius, space hero and defender of the Earth!

Commander Keen Game Facts

Evil aliens have stolen Earth's Plasma Crystals and our whole planet is about to go kablooie taking you, me, Britney Spears and every other living thing with it. Only Commander Keen can stop them with his trusty Neural Ray Blaster, a pogo stick and a spaceship built from his mom's vacuum cleaner (with a few modifications here and there...)

Commander Keen Kicks Butt

On the Game Boy Color, Commander Keen jumps, blasts and bounces his way from ledge to ledge in a left-to-right sidescrolling adventure. The controls are simple enough to learn but the action is hectic and the levels are super tricky. Commander Keen constantly gets whacked by aliens and traps. Save your game all the time or you'll end up starting over again when some nasty slug's slime trail sends you sliding into a pit. With three planets, dozens of levels and nearly 40 alien bad guys, Keen is in for a cosmic challenge.

Commander Keen Space Graphics

The graphics are decent. They're pretty simple - without many cool effects but they're super bright and the colors look great. Unfortunately, the sound is pretty lame. Commander Keen is loaded with MIDI sounds - bips, bops and tweets. Sheesh, he's saving the whole planet, couldn't at least one hot band, like Blink-182 or Britney, make a kick-butt set of tunes for him?

Commander Keen Space Adventures!

Commander Keen fans beware, this game is for hardcore players only. The action is super-hard and the sound is old. Check out The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Seasons for something a little easier.

How Hard is Commander Keen?

The controls are easy but the game is stupidly hard.

Commander Keen Age Rating:

Commander Keen Thumbs Up:

  • Space heroes rock.

  • Commander Keen Thumbs Down:

  • You die A LOT.
  • Lame sounds.

  • Commander Keen Game Rating:

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