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Janel Parrish Interview (pg. 2)

Dec 13, 2007

Sindy: The Bratz DVD has just hit the shelves. How did you celebrate?
Janel Parrish: I'm so excited! Me and my friends got the DVD and we had a Bratz theme party with popcorn and ice cream and just sat down and watched it.

Sindy: Are you still friends with the other girls from the movie?
Janel Parrish: Oh yes, we're very lucky that we hit it off right away and we've been best friends ever since. We still talk all the time.

Sindy: Can fans hold out any hope for a second Bratz movie?
Janel Parrish: I think they definitely can, yeah. I don't think this is the last time they see the Bratz.

Sindy: You were on three episodes of Heroes, right? Did you get any inside scoop on what to expect from season two?
Janel Parrish: I was on two episodes, and I might be back for a third. I mean, I watch Heroes every single week, so I'm just as much in the dark as any other viewer. I'm surprised every time I watch. But it was an amazing experience and I got to work with Hayden (Panettiere), and it was amazing.

Sindy: You're originally from Hawaii, aren't you? Do you still live there or are you in LA now?
Janel Parrish: Yes, I lived in Hawaii up until about five years ago and then I moved out to L.A. to pursue my dreams, but I still feel like a small town, island girl.

Sindy: What advice would you give to young people who want to pursue a career in the entertainment industry?
Janel Parrish: I guess just to believe in yourself, know what you want out of life, and just go for it!

Sindy: Thanks for talking to us, Janel.
Janel Parrish: Thank you!

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