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Join The Wild Adventure Girls, and find out how to make a rocket engine w/ pasta, hydrogen peroxide, and dry yeast, in our Epic new Science Experiment!This isn’t just any Rocket Engine; this is a Pasta Rocket Engine, where your Pasta is fueled by the oxygenated gas that is created when you mix Hydrogen Peroxide with Dry Yeast!If you are ready, then hold on tight as we Blast off into another Epic Science Experiment, this time creating our very own Rocket Engine with Science and Pasta!Now tell us, What Have YOU Discovered Lately?

About Wild Adventure Girls

Heyyyyyyyy-Ya Wild Adventurers! We are Angelina, Annabella, and Scarlett. Together we are The Wild Adventure Girls! Get ready to laugh, learn, and sometimes SCREAM at some of our incredible discoveries. The Wild Adventure Girls will take you along for the ride as we unearth (literally) the secrets hidden beneath our feet in the world around us. Our funny, entertaining, and informative kid’s video will take you on a journey of fun and unique adventures, while also inspiring us all to get out there and explore and have a great time doing it.

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