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Oh my god! Dude! I can be a...
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Domestic helpers

Hi! Welcome to my first blo...
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Steven universe

I love Steven universe if a...
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I have been thinking about ...
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Online diary

Last time, as I said, my te...
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these dudes

Posted about 6 years by Kayla62710_2022451


hi smexi, wow u have a pretty face, U LOOK HOT wat do these have in common .................... ok i'll tell youthey where all ...

Boys r stupid!

Posted about 6 years by terrie11_1971162


I asked this guy out... (we r really close friends) nd he waited THREE DAYS till he answered nd it was a NO!!! he said tht he ...


Posted about 6 years by zebrachic12


iam freindly nice and buttiful add me i awesome i rock ur wrld

My life

Posted about 6 years by Jessamine_2116479

Default girl

Hi. My name is a secret, and my location is also a secret, but starting to morrow,I'm gonna start writing about myself, my sibl...


I miss her so much! she has such a great voice!

how fun is high school?

Posted about 6 years by cranberrycuteness


hi!, I really wanna go to high school this year, but im haveing second thoughts so im starting a poll to see if I should go how...


Posted about 6 years by AMYdoublethebeauty12_1816814


People's profile gives me headache's OMGE. stop making it so colorful, with all these graphics. For now on..I won't add you if ...

loving peps

Posted about 6 years by ashantibl95


boys love me and they know it but i reject them cuz im to sexi already but theres one oerson i really love jalen backus


Posted about 6 years by aly-lissa_2086351


Sports are so much fun! I do Gymnastics, Field Hockey and Track & Field. What do you do? Do you play any sports or many spo...


Posted about 6 years by GawjussGracieex


3rd May 2012 The kids at Nursery started singing happy birthday to me today so.. I guess this can be my second birthday. :3 My ...

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