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Polar Bear

Posted about almost 10 years by Haileyc25_1254232

Traveling across the frozen ice, I couldn’t help but wonder if the ice would break through or hold my powerful weight. Rushing through my head were the terrible thoughts of what would happen if the ice would break through. Suddenly the ice cracked like a cracker beneath my feet. Rushing towards my mother I could feel my heart ready to burst through my chest. My mother was only a few feet away but every step didn’t seem any closer then the one before. My feet could feel the icy water below approaching with powerful speed. Suddenly my body sank into the icy waters. With a loud roar my mother burst to my aid. Clenching her sharp powerful claws and hoist back onto to the frozen tundra, slowly I regain my body heat and rise to my feet, and the journey travels on.

Continuing across the frozen ice my belly had an earthquake. I jump up and down on the ice just as my mother had taught me to. My nose hit the icy water below and grabbed a small fish. It wasn't the normal seal, but it would have to do for now, I thought to myself. I took my small nose out of the ice hole and looked around. The only thing I could see for miles and miles was the harsh and unforgiving snow. My mother was gone and I was a small cub left alone, with no protection from the world...