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Love at first sight

Posted about almost 6 years by twiheartgirl4

I am at my grandpa’s trailer in Sugarbush Campgrounds. I was swimming at the pool. My cell phone started to ring. I answered it. “Britt its time for you to come back home we are going to eat in a few minutes.”, my mom said into the phone. I told her ok I’ll be there in a minute. I grabbed my towel and went into the girls washroom to change back into my clothes. As I walked out of the change room, I saw a new guy. (at the trailer everybody knows everybody, so he must be just starting to come up) He was staring at me. I say weird too myself. I head back to my trailer. I eat then go get my friends Cassidy and Emily. We walk around the trailer park and go get Reese. We head up to the Rec Hall park and we hang on the swings. And guess who was walking by the park? It was him again and he was staring at me again. As soon as he walked by I said to the girls, “I think the new dude is really cute”. Reese says, “Every guy you see is cute”. But i told them that this was different, he was beyond cute. They giggle. I said that I’m going for a walk. And I asked the girls who wanted to come with me. They all said they do. So we went for a walk. We went to the other park and Reese and I got on the swings and started to swing. Cassidy and Emily said that it was time for their dinner that they’d be back later. So, Reese and I were just swinging when her dad said, “ Reese time to come eat”. So, I was alone. I heard somebody walking and I thought that they were just walking by, but, all of a sudden, I heard, “BOO!”. I screamed so loud. We walked over to a bench and sat down. “Hi, I’m Jason, whats yours?”, he asked me. I told my name is Brittney and he said, cute name for a cute girl. A second went by and he was touching my cheek and then the next moment we are kissing. After that I found out how old he was, where he lived, and then he asked me out. Then i woke up.

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