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holes and gaps in my heart

Posted about about 1 year by sorryitsamaya

you really had me caught up in your web of lies

now i'm hopelessly wondering why your love for me had died

i fell for you, while your mind was busy with someone other than me.

i should have known from the start, but your charm blinded my ability to see.

your way with words influenced me in wonders that somehow made me believe

now i'm asking myself the same old question

what exactly is it about you that's causing me such a deep depression?

maybe it's been the way you looked in my direction

or when you used to give me your undivided attention

but as time goes by your love had started to lessen

you decided to walk away from me during my lowest

but little did you know that was when i needed you the closest

my mother wants nothing to do with me anymore

that woman left my heart nothing more than torn

what will i do once you break my heart into pieces too?

all i ever asked for was for you to fulfill your promises

but all you've caused is fighting, so now i'm finally holding up my fists

don't hand the blame to me when you were the one who caused this pain

but nobody around seems to be aware of this

because you always play the victim of it

but i've been the only one who's been taking all the hits.

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