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No Excape

Posted about 8 months by kittycat96

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Table of Contents
With her parent’s not long dead being a Hunter of the creature’s that go bump in the night is one of the only things keeping Hope Morgan sane, considering that she hunts what a normal mundane thinks is all imaginary. If only they knew, heck if they knew what she did for a living they would think she was insane. Can she overcome her biggest fears, can she finally let go of her parents and move on without regret and the feeling of utter betrayal? What will she do when the loves of her life are her mortal enemies? Who will she choose? Or will destiny choose for her?

Chapter 1 – Baby Fox.
Huffing and puffing I raced towards the house locking the door behind myself. Going around the house I barricaded the doors and windows. Once that was done I scrambled all over the house from top to bottom looking for the correct weapon. I unlocked my recently decease parents cupboard of hunting weapons, although they are not the normal type of hunting weapon that any normal person would kept. They are designed for killing Vampires and Werewolves. As my breathing became less laboured I took out my mother’s wooden stake holding it with pride. Entering the dining room, I broke off the chair legs so that they were in sharp points; placing them around myself I clutched my mother’s weapon to my chest and went to sleep. I woke up screaming in the early hours of the morning. I had repeated the chase in my dream, I slowly stood up and kicked aside some of the broken chairs legs and slowly walked to the barricaded door. Aiming my weapon at the door I removed the barrier when nothing happened I continued onwards opening the door as quietly as I could. And right on the door step was a pool of blood that had started seeping under the front door, looking up I found the victim it was only a baby fox. It was hung from its tail off the outside light with its throat ripped open. And I knew exactly what had done it too. A Vampire.
Showering I changed into my camouflaged hunting gear, and headed down into the basement to find my bow and arrow’s that my father had given to me for my seventh birthday only a month ago. Had he lived longer he might have told me where he kept his hidden, he had planned to give it to me on my eighth birthday thinking that this set would suffice for a year but now I will never know where they are nor will I ever see him again. A few tears broke the border of my eyelid sliding freely down my cheeks as I reminded myself that I had to stay on guard all the time so I could survive like my mother and father had wanted, they had given their lives up to save me from a Werewolf and give up their lives they did. They never did return home and I never found their bodies just the remains of shredded clothes. But don’t worry I got my vengeances against that Werewolf and his pack I had chased them for miles until they finally thought I had given up, but under the cover of darkness I stumbled upon the look out and before he could send a warning to his pack I beheaded him, his wolf form melted away revealing his true human form. Walking around their campsite I made my kills strategically one by one until there was no-one and nothing left to kill, up to my elbow in blood and remains I fell asleep knowing that my parent could rest in peace.
Shaking my head I brought myself back to reality remembering that I still had to check up on the local Werewolf group and make sure that they were keeping within the guidelines that Hunter’s like me had created a thousand years ago. The Werewolf that had killed my parents was a drifter going from place to place and never having one territory, from time to time us Hunter’s would come across these packs and have to kill them because they killed innocent people in blood lust almost like the Vampires. Finding the rest of my weapons I places them in holster’s I grabbed my back pack that had spare clothes in it then got the car keys from the kitchen along with my purse and jumped in my Grandfathers old Red Chevy Pick-Up Truck heading into town to get supplies.
As I walked through the doors of the local supermarket the Manager that had worked here since I was a little girl said “how are you darling, how’s the old man of yours and my god where in the hell has your momma been? I haven’t seen her in nearly 3 weeks. You better tell her that I have so important news to tell her. You hearing me sweetie pie?” she said when she finally notice that what she was saying I had no interest in hearing. “Maim, I am terribly sorry to be so rude to you but my parents well you see they passed away and if you don’t mind I really don’t want to talk about it.” I said before taking a trolley and walking off down the aisles. Of course like all small minded people she followed me trying to get answers out of me but I just put my earphones in and played my music extremely loud as I continued shopping pretending not to see her when she was waving her arms around like a distressed bird. Packing the shopping in the backseat of the car a man came running out of the shop calling out for me to wait. Unsure of what he wanted I got in the truck and locked the doors. Knocking of the driver side window he said “wind down your window you forgot this” and in front of me in his hands was my purse. I thanked the man for being a gentleman and not stealing my money and head towards the opposite end of town to where all the bad boys hung out.
Chapter Two – Bad Boys Are Animals.
Pulling up to the skate-park I saw all the boys hanging around their leader or in wolf terms their ‘Alpha’. I placed the weapons that I had on me all along the front seat of the cab before changing into the clothes I had brought with me in my backpack.re-attaching some of the weapons to my body I hid the rest under the seat. Stepping out of the truck I took out my hair giving it a quick flick over my shoulder as my black thigh high boots hit the pavement. Locking my car I did a quick mirror check and I look good in my black tank top and light blue shorts, and my make-up was done to perfection especially considering that I had done it in the car. I didn’t usually dress up but it was easier to get what I wanted from the Werewolves when they were distracted by my body. As I approached them their eyes looked like they were ready to fall out of the heads. I smiled

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