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INSANE Food Chains

Posted about 7 months by comedy711


Hi Guys! I'm sure very few people will even end up reading this article, but for the people who do read it, I will be talking about food chains.

So lets get down to the first part of it. All food chains must start with a producer. What is a producer you might ask? A producer is any living thing that gets its energy directly from the sun. Producers are great because there are so many of them and they are great for other animals to eat. Some producers you've probably already heard of are plants, trees, and flowers. They all get their energy from the sun. Next in the food chain is the primary consumers.

Primary consumers are the animals that eat the producers that we just talked about. They get all of their energy from the plants, trees, and flowers that are producers. These animals are almost always herbivores (plant eaters) because they eat the producers which as we just said, are plants. Next in line we have the secondary consumers.

The secondary consumers are the animals that feed off of the primary consumers that we just talked about. They get all of their energy by eating other animals. Therefore, these animals are almost always carnivores (meat eaters) because they eat the other animals that are primary consumers. These animals include bears, lions, and almost all the other predators you can think of. Next we have the tertiary consumers.

The tertiary consumers are the big, bad ones. They are the big animals that eat other secondary consumers. In the ocean, a shark could be a tertiary consumer. In the wilderness, a grizzly bear could be one. Now, we have finished the basic food chain.
If you search up food chains on google, you can find more in depth or detailed food chains if you are interested. Thank you for reading this article and hopefully you have realized that food chains are INSANE!!!

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