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Posted about 7 months by Acelin132

Today is the day. The day when it all starts. My first day at a real school. New people, new classes, new places to explore, it’s going to be great. For eleven years I have been home-schooled and for eleven years I haven’t left the yard. I haven’t had friends and I’ve never been passed our mailbox. I’ve tried, never worked, but my mother never punished me, she just rewarded me for my enthusiasm in trying. She admired my will to escape, my will to leave her grasp.
I been feeling something inside me, something I have never felt before. “This feeling,” my mother says, “Is nothing but your own excitement.” Excitement? My mother has never given me the definition of one of my many feelings or words. I have had to figure them out myself. My mother hardly punishes me, but when she does the punishments were brutal. She has this thing, she says that every parent uses one.
It’s a long, thin line of leather. The ends are split so when it hits my back and arms it makes me bleed. Mother says that if I tell anyone of this the police with take me away. I went upstairs after eating my breakfast and got dressed. I put on my favorite black short-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, my black Nikes, and a brown jacket.
When I got back down stairs my mother had the door open. I walked outside and saw the passenger car door open. “Oliver, are you going to get in?” The sight of the car amazed me. I have never seen one, the sight of all the gadgets that my father left in there for me is alarming. Mother hasn’t driven anywhere since my father got arrested when I was five. She started to home-school me when he left and concealed me from everyone else.
I put my things in the trunk and got in. Mother handed me a box. “Open it. I promise that you will like what you see.” I find that hard to believe. The last time I got a gift it was a box full of expired candies and that was when I was seven. I opened the box and was truly amazed. There was a phone and a smart watch. I mumbled the words thanks and asked my mother to drive.
“Don’t take off your jacket.” Mother warned me with these words as I got out of the car. Everyone just stared at me as I walked into the front office. “How may I help you?” She was young, probably in her mid-twenties. “Um. I was told that a person named,” I glanced down at my paper and stumbled many times trying to pronounce this person’s name. The woman came up to me, “Car’Qisha, That’s me. You must be Oliver Zayman. Welcome to Kinsburg High.”
I whispered thanks and followed Car’Qisha. She leads me all over campus. I enjoyed seeing all the different class rooms and how big the campus is. “The me see your schedule.” I handed her my schedule and she lead me to my first class. “Here you go Chemistry.” She went in first and I followed in behind her. I was first to class. “Mr. Leadsman, this is Oliver Zayman and he will be joining your first period class.” Mr. Leadsman looked up and saw me.
“I heard I was getting a new student today, what a pleasure to meet you. I will be your first period teacher if you have any problems at our school you are welcome to come to me for assistance. Just to warn you this period isn’t the brightest they don’t know what H2O is, do you know what H2O is, Oliver?” Mr. Leadsman really does enjoy talking. “Yes, sir I do know what H2O is, its water and that is quite a collection of stamps you have here.” Mr. Leadsman smiled and said thanks.
The bell rang, and the room was filled with lots of tenth graders. “Class, this is Oliver Zayman and he will be joining us.” I picked a seat in the back of the class and watched as everyone received their test. Mr. Leadsman gave me my test. “Yours will be a pretest to see what you know and what you don’t know.” I took one glance at the test and I knew that I was going to pass. It is going to be so easy. I need to know what H2O, I need to know what makes up fire, I need to know if plasma is an element or not, If I had to pass anything this would be what I would choose.
I was the first to finish, when I handed it in I saw the loss of hope in Leadsman’s face as he received it from my hands. “Go ahead and head toward the front office. Once you get their say that I send you to receive your locker combination and number.” I nodded and was on my way. I wasn’t the only one in the halls. Others were there, going through their lockers, talking, heading to their next class. School is different I hadn’t experienced this before, but I wish I had.
“You’re new.” This voice came from behind me. A soft, gentle, kind voice that has only occurred twice in my life. I turned around to see a beautiful girl. She has green eyes, brown hair, freckles, and glasses. “How did you know?” She looked at me and smiled. “No boy at this school is so into chemistry and talks so kindly.” I smiled at the girl.
“What’s your name?”
“London Baily, What’s yours?”
“Oliver, Oliver Zayman.” She headed for her locker and I headed for the front office. When I got outside I realized how hot it was. I took off my jacket not heeding the words my mother warned me with. When I got into the main office Car’Qisha gave me my locker number and combination. “How do you like it so fa,” Car’Qisha just stared at me. She looked like she pitied me greatly.
“What?” Car’Qisha looked at me then at my arms then at me once more. “What happened?” She pointed at my scared-up arms. “My moth- nothing, nothing happened.” Car’Qisha looked at me a politely agreed.
I walked to my locker. The first locker to the right of the stairs. When I reached the locker, London had found me. “How do you li, ““Nothing happened to my arms.” London looked at me and gave me a hug. “What’s all this about?” London looked behind her and smiled. “Hi John.” John waved and smiled “Who’s this. Wow dude what happened to your arms?” “Hi I’m Oliver Zayman and nothing.” I slipped my jacket back on and smiled at London.
“Oh, Oliver this is my boyfriend John. John this Oliver the new guy.” I nodded politely at John and he did the same. I opened my locker and put all most everything into it. I “happened” to overhear John and London’s conversation and it sounded a little like so:
“What are you doing afterschool?”
“My homework, Why?”
“I was wondering if you know, you wanted to do something.”
“No, I’m good thanks though.”
“oh come on, you don’t wonder what it would be like to have a whole afternoon with me.”
“Not the slightest. GET OFF!”
London’s response to John put me into defense mode. I slammed my locker shut and turned around. John was holding London by the waist, forcing her closer to him. He all most had her to his chest when I decided to punch him. I hit him right in the face and made his nose bleed. He threw London to the side and went for my face. He hit me, I took that blow leaving nothing but the blood running down my mouth. “STOP!”
I threw John against the lockers. “You may think you are tough, but you’re not. I may have been home schooled but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw a punch. You miss treat ANYONE, like you mistreated London and you and I will have a HUGE, disagreement.” I turned to face someone I haven’t seen in years. “Oliver Zayman, I expected a wimp out of the way your mother raises children, but I was clearly proven wrong.” My father. I haven’t seen him in years and didn’t expect to for a long time.
“Dad.” He looked at me and nodded. I gave him a brief hug and turned around. London was hugging John crying and the principle was coming toward us. It was at that moment when I realized I was surrounded by a bunch of others. I heard a yell. Not a yell of disappointment but a yell of curiosity. A yell wondering my name. “Oliver.” I yelled back and the next thing I heard was the crowd chanting my name.
The principle kicked my father out and announced. “The son of a drug dealer. If that is the kind of nonsense you are going to bring into my school than don’t come to my school. I want you to go to class and I don’t want to see or hear about another fight with one of my students again, do you hear me?” I nodded and walked off.
I went to my next class. When I got inside everyone started to chant. I got handshakes and the girls ran toward me. I got comments like: “You’re brave standing up to John like that.” and I got comments like: “Are you insane fighting the principle’s son.” I got looks of disgust and I received looks of courage. I sat in the back. Almost every girl in the classroom ran and found a seat next to or near me. “Are you stupid? You can’t just go fighting people because they hold me aggressively. You must be smart, like I know you are. Oliver look at me! I want to be your friend, but I can’t if you go around fighting my boyfriend.”
London looked so sad. Had I disappointed her? If I did I didn’t mean to. I am a drug dealer’s son and forever will be but that’s something that I just need to get over. I get hit, but I survive. I am here for a reason and until I figure out why I will just have to sit here and be admired. “Are you seeing anyone?” I was surprised when asked this question. “No.” a girl walked up to me and sat on my desk. “Well I was wondering if you wanted to go with me?” I said sure and she slid back on my desk a bit furthered and sat there until the teacher came in. She sat next to me the entire class period.
“By the way my name is Kim.” She came closer and kissed me on the cheek, after that she left the class. “She’s bad news.” I looked to my left and I found a boy just a bit shorter than me. “Why do you say that.” The boy looked to me and smiled. “First-hand experience I guess. Just promise me you won’t let her get into your veins. This school is full of surprises.” I nodded and said that I promised. “Shane, that’s my name, just in-case you were wondering.” My phone vibrated. I had forgotten that it was there. I picked it up and turned it on. I’m picking you up in a bit so be ready. Sweet. “Hey, I’ll talk to you later okay I got to run.”
Shane nodded, and we went our separate ways. My escape wasn’t easy. I kept running into John. He didn’t see me, but I saw him, and I avoided him the best I could. “Hey buddy, you remember our little brawl, right?” I nodded my head and said sure. “Good than you remember that it isn’t over,” Great another problem that I must worry about. “I really don’t have time for this John. Now, let’s not do this and get in even more trouble than we already are.” John and his group of friends just laughed. “No, you see I’m not in trouble. You on the other hand that’s a different story.” I turned around and started to walk away.
John grabbed my shoulder and punched me in my face. I felt blood run down my face. I turned back around. “Are you scared?” I walked quietly away leaving John with his group of friends to think that he is superior. I saw my mother’s car pull up. I can see the concern on my mother’s face. I opened the door and got in. “What happened?” I told her nothing and she drove home. “Go to your room I’ll be there in a minute.”
I threw my bookbag on my bed and laid down. There was a knock on my door. I got up and opened it. “take off you jacket and shirt.” Great another punishment. I took off my jacket and shirt and listened. “What happened?”
“Nothing.” MY mother hit me with her “weapon” and told me to answer truthfully. I answered with nothing again and she hit my three more times and left. I am still groaning in pain as my back bleeds. I was midway down stairs when I heard men introducing themselves as police officers
“We got a compliant of screams of pain and have been dispatched to search your home.” My mother welcomed them in and they began their hunt. They found lots of things. They found cigarette packets, beer bottles, they even found my mother’s pain creator (her weapon). “Ma’am do you live with anyone else?” I ran up to my room and slammed the door shut. They knocked on my door and I opened it. They took one glance at me and started to curse.
They went down stairs. “Ma’am you are under arrest. Anything you say can or will be used against you.” They took all my mother’s stuff and tow of the three men entered their car. I went downs stairs and watched as they took my mother away just as they had done with my father. “Boy come here.” I walked quickly to the man. “Sir?”
“Grab everything that you want from this house and put it in a box then get in my car.” I went upstairs and grabbed my phone, some clothes, my sketch book and all my school supplies. I put on a shirt and headed down stairs. When I got inside the man’s car he handed me a compass. “What’s this for?” The man shrugged and drove to a mansion. He got out of the car and got me out. We walked to the white marble building. In the yard there is a sign, the sign states: HOME OF THE FINNKLE’S.
I walked onto the porch following the police officer. “What are we doing here?” He just smiled. “While you were gathering your things, I took the liberty of calling a close relative and asking if they would like a guest for a couple of months and like always they said of course.” This amazed me but also worried me. Not only is this a new place but this is the mayor’s house. Mayor Finnkle and I don’t really have a great history.
The police officer rang the doorbell. It took about ten minutes before anybody answered the door. There was a familiar face as someone that I recently met opened the door. “Shane? Your full name is Shane Finnkle? Dude, your rich!” Shane shrugged his shoulders and bade us in. “So, uncle Ron what brings you up here?” The police officer explained everything. Shane patted me on my back. I couldn’t help but yell in pain as his hand hit the marks in which my mother had hit me. I cant move. As I collapsed to the floor I heard
“Gordon! Get over here please and bring a bunch of ice.” The police officer and Shane rushed me to their guest bedroom and laid me on the bed. The mayor ran in with a bucket of ice. “What’s wrong?!” THE police officer only acted. He grabbed a small towel just big enough to fit on my back, then he put ice all over the towel. “HE should be good for now. Shane, do me a favor and every hour check on Oliver for me.” Shane nodded his head. “Ron can I speak to you please?” Shane left the room and the policer officer and Mayor stepped outside the door. I don’t know if they thought because they were not in the room I couldn’t hear them, but I heard every word they said:
“What is it Gordon?”
“you never said that Oliver Zayman was the guest.”
“I know that you have issues with him stealing form you, but his mother abused him and he’s having a really rough time so just give him a chance and after a month if you can’t handle him I will take him to my house and he can stay there.”
The mayor agreed and came back in. “Okay here’s the thing to stay here you have to contribute. Which means when you can walk and work you are going to go through all the trainings the Shane goes through and you are helping Shane with his chores.” I nodded my head and decided to doze off.
By the time I woke up my back felt fine. The towel was off, and a girl was wrapping a cloth around my chest and waist. “Good your up hold this here for me. Thanks. NO don’t move it. Keep still. There.” She was elegant, she has gorgeous brown hair with light brown eyes. I have never seen anyone like her. “Thanks.” She looked up and smiled. When she looked down again she smiled even bigger than she had when she was looking at me. “I’m Oliver, what’s your name?” She looked up once more. “Amara.”
She finished wrapping my back and handed me a shirt. “Take it easy. You don’t want to reopen any of the wounds.” I smiled and nodded. I put my hand on her shoulder and thanked her once more. She smiled and walked out. I put the shirt on and got up. I decided that I need to look around, so I did. “Oliver your up I wanted to tell you how worried I was when I heard about your mother.” Kim jumped into my arms. “Are you okay?” I nodded “why are you here?” Kim looked up at me and smiled. “you know that the spring fling is next Saturday, right? Well I was wondering, because you know we are a couple if you wanted to go with me?”
I looked down at Kim she looked so ready for me to say yes. “Sure, why not.” She smiled and Kissed me. We stood still kissing each other. “What are you doing?” I stopped kissing Kim and look to my right. Shane. He was looking at me then at Kim and at me once more. “Oliver, may I speak with you in privet?” I looked at Kim smiled then followed Shane. We entered the room in which I was lying. “Really?” I looked at Shane confused. “What?” He shook his head at me. “I warned you.” I know he did and I’m listening, but I am also enjoying it at the same time. Shane walked out of the room quietly and I followed behind.
Kim ran to me and hugged me harder than last time. I felt pain from the marks on my back being reopened. I tried to keep my eyes open, I tried to stay standing up, I tried but only in vain. I blacked out. All I could hear was Kim’s voice panicking and Shane and his staff running to help me.

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